Teacups and Little Finds

A stroll around the streets of Edinburgh always end up being a fun afternoon. There are little gems and new finds around every corner. I have lived here a full year and I'm still baffled by how little I have seen of it.
On a sunny day, there seems like no better place than walking down the Royal Mile. With street performers, tourists and bustling shops, I couldn't ask for more atmosphere.

Lois and I decided to go for lunch, but before we even got there, we found this gem.
Its called Miss Katie Cupcake, and is a quaint jewellery shop on Cockburn Street. Let me show you around... 

They had gorgeous candles with quotes on them to make you smile.

And adorable jewellery, all handmade. The lady at the till was working on necklaces as we looked around.
The jewellery ranged from clocks, teacups and even scissors.

Bunting lay around the shop for that vintage feel. Flowers filled every corner too, like the floral headbands below...

We 'Awww'ed' at everything, and bought ourselves a little something, and headed for lunch afterwards. 

This is what I bought, and I have been wearing it since. I just love it! A teacup ring!

We headed down the royal mile, and ended up somewhere a little more conventional.

Nando's - our favourite place if you want good chicken, and lovely staff!

We ate and ate, filled our bellies and headed back home, satisfied with a good day in Edinburgh!

I also ended up with a bit of tartan along the way. I wanted the traditional tartan as part of my wardrobe for a while, so this will definitely keep me warm in winter.

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