Alas, I Cannot Swim

"He used to be a singer in a rock and roll band.
He would write the songs and I'd tremble at his hand but oh, la laa.
He lost poetic ethic and his songs were pathetic, and he's a failure now..."

Laura Marling is a wonderful artist. She came to the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, so of course Rachel and I leaped at the chance to see her.

Rach is one of my good friends over here at University. We seem to always end up doing things together...this usually involves eating...

The Usher Hall is also beautiful. It was built around 1914, and with the detail inside and outside of the building, it makes a concert seem extra special.

Nick Mulvey was the support act. My goodness that man can play the guitar. With just his voice he had silenced the room in seconds.

The crowd were quite indie and chilled, which I liked. I have been to quite a few concerts, and most of them have been standing. So arriving to assigned seats is wonderful. No sore feet, no person breathing over you, all the stuff that usually comes with a concert (which I usually embrace in the moment).

 Theres a house across the river but alas i cannot swim,
And a garden of such beauty that the flowers seem to grin,
Theres a house across the river but alas I cannot swim,
I'll live my life regretting that I never jumped in!

Laura arrived on stage in her converse trainers and floaty white shirt. Chilled as ever, it was an intimate concert between her and the guitar. Her voice makes me melt like butter, so soft its like a lullaby. She sang her heart out, and without an encore she retreated after leaving us satisfied. Everyone clapped and cheered after a night of wonderful music.

Of course, as students, Rachel and I headed to the typical McDonald's for something delicious and fast.
It was a great night to be in Edinburgh!

I'll leave you with my favourite song of the night, Goodbye England:

I will come back here,
bring me back when I'm old.
I want to lay here forever in the cold.
I might be cold but I'm just skin and bones
and I never love England more than when covered in snow.

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