Hey London!

London was the place to be for another wedding. Sleek and stylish, it has been about two years since my last visit. Whilst we weren't able to do much sightseeing, the wedding overtook all my expectations.
But firstly, we arrived the day before, and went for lunch in Kensington after a bumpy flight. Only pizza would do after an early start!  

Andy was a bit worse for wear, hungry men are never fun!

Doesn't that just make you want a bite...?

Italian sausage, mushrooms, chilli and mozzarella cheese, yum!

Andy chose where to go for the afternoon with our hour free, and of course he wanted the Natural History Museum...I was not too pleased, I wanted shopping.
It ended up being quite enjoyable learning more about animals, and the natural environment. Not more fun to shopping...but sometimes you have got to pick your battles!

We left early to go visit all the family members coming from far and wide for the wedding. We had a wonderful meal in the evening, chuckling along with family and friends who all come in the name of love for tomorrows couple...

Au revoir!

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