Hey Baby, I Think I Wanna Marry You...

'Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.'
1 Corinthians 13 v 7-8

Here in London was the morning of Sean and Charlotte's big day. After nearly a decade of knowing each other, they were about to finally tie the knot.

The theme was New York, The Big Apple (Do you get the apples in the flowers then?)
I was also privileged to be asked to do a reading for them in the church - Winnie the Pooh! How cute!

The girls got on their skyscraper heels, and the men in their dashing suits all for the big day.

Don't my cousins look amazing? 

The church was filled with beautifully simple decorations, with greenery and lilac. I nearly shed a tear when Charlotte walked gracefully down the isle. Her veil glistened as we watched them take their vows in front of God. Sean carried a beaming smile from one ear to the other.

We gathered at the end down the pathway to watch them take their first steps into the world as husband and wife.
Oh, isn't she just beautiful?

And with the NYC theme, came the taxi as their wedding car. We all screeched with glee when we saw it drive of.

What a wonderful couple they are. 

The cake was also spectacular! Have you ever seen the program called Choccywoccydoodah? Its based on a cake shop in Brighton who make chocolate cakes with exquisite designs. Well, the cake was from there. (It tasted as good as it looked can I just say...) 

But first, we hit the sweetie table. Feeling like little children in a candy store, we piled our bags up to the brim with chocolates, marshmallows, love hearts, and much much more. We may have went back for more too.

Here come the girls now.
We have welcomed Charlotte into our family, she is a caring, fun loving girl who is always up for a good time. 

The lilac dresses were a subtle colour that contrasted so well with the decorations. All the girls looked stunning!

Now here comes my man in his new suit. All in blue, his smile topped off the perfect outfit. Gotta love a man in a suit!

Inside, the fairy lights glistened and twinkled across the roof. It felt like a fairytale.

Viv and I weren't too long in getting into the party atmosphere either. A bit early but hey!

Each table represented a different popular place in NYC. We were Wall Street. The theme was NYC because this is where Sean popped the question, so it was lovely seeing the personal touches being brought it. 

The first dance is always so great to watch. The couple have their few moments to forget about everyone around them, look into each others eyes and dance.

But then the party really got going, and everyone's feet got jiving to the music.

TJ, my darling baby cousin was the perfect gentleman on the dance floor.

Poor child!!

Yep, they are so cool.

My uncle surely brought out some moves too. 

My cousin Sean was still smiling through to the end of the night. How could he not?! 

The moves were at times graceful...

And other times not so much....

With our feet now ready for slippers, the night ended on a high.
Everyone hugged and kissed goodbye, and we walked into the night under the twinkling lights. 

Congratulations to Sean and Charlotte who are now off to Florida for their honeymoon. Lucky them! A very blessed couple indeed who bring out the best in each other. I wish them every ounce of happiness for the future. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Then it was time to fly back home, and return to normality.

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