Keep Calm and Ceilidh On...

Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities and I just love living here. Its got high ceilings and cobbled streets.
Being a Scottish student means one thing though...lots of Ceilidh's and we were about to encounter our first one of 2nd year.

We put on our dancing shoes, dresses and tights (we were about to be flung around...)

It was in this huge hall with an amazing organ stretching up the wall and beautiful decorations. It made me feel like I was entering a Dowton Abby dance. Now all I needed was a man to ask me onto the dancefloor... 

I think there were about 300 people there dancing, falling and laughing.

There were reunions after a long 4 months apart too.

So we giggled, fell and ended up in a bar afterwards just resting our sore feet. 
We also had sore muscles the next day, such a workout!

Au revoir!

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