Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside...

One thing I love in life is listening to the waves as you get up. That crashing sound against the hard rock is so relaxing and the sea air fills you with fresh air in your lungs.

Andy's family have a simple caravan up in Portstewart. My family call it the 'Aparta-van', whilst his family have a few more colourful names, such as 'The Tin Can'. But hey hey, lets not judge so quickly. Yes, Andy's head is a millimeter away from the roof, and he hits his head against every light. Yes, it may seem a bit old and boring. However, I LOVE it. Its cute and you feel like you definitely away from home for a break when your not staying in a house or apartment. Everyone is crammed together, so you can do nothing but spend time together. And when I was a young girl...I smashed the bedroom window, which left me having a rather chilly night with the howling wind. You see, how could you not love it with such memories??

Day 1

Portstewart is a haven in Northern Ireland. In Winter, it is simply a small town, you wouldn't think much of it. When you look out to sea though, the frothy waves crashing against the freezing cold sand on the shore, its breath taking. However, whilst its quiet then, in Summer it is suddenly full of people. Everyone travels up to have a week at the beach (even if its freezing) and a chit-chat with the people you meet. It is a place full of smiles and laughter.
Andy and I went when it had died down, all the school kids were back and the busy streets were now back to their normal self. To be honest, I think it was us as a young people and a bunch of elderly folk, but we didn't mind. 

It was Andy's birthday, so we went for dinner at this new place, 'The Tides'.

Andy had Squid for starter.

I had the prawns in garlic, chilli and corriander sauce with buttery bread.

Oh yeees, a steak with grilled mushrooms, tomato and a red onion gravy.
The homemade fried onion rings were divine. 

We headed to the promenade for an ice cream after and sat by the sea, watching the world go by.

A late night walk along the beach was a must. I got my hunter wellies on, my fluffy coat and hand in hand, we went.

Day 2

I woke up to the smell of bacon wafting into my room, and found that Andrew had made me breakfast.
After visiting some family, we headed for lunch and then on to the sea! I'm going to put a separate blog of the actual sea experience in another post...looking forward to that.

Mexican chicken panini and garlic fries.

Don't judge...yes that is another ice cream. Have you not heard the phrase 'An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away?'...No?...Okay.

Dinner again, uh-huh.

This time, Yoko Noodle Bar. 

Starters of sesame prawn toast and aromatic duck.

Honey chilli crispy pork and crispy noodles for main. Andy had chicken satay.

I like restaurants that end with a minty chocolate. They end up in my good books!!

Dessert was from the Wine Bar, we wanted a take out so we could chill together watching movies.
This is called 'St Honore Gateaux'...delicious! It may just look like a mess, but oh no. The honeycomb, the creamy filling, chocolate profiteroles, and biscuity base, its all goodness. 

Here are just some extra photos of that beautifully crystal blue sea view...enjoy...

Gorgeous! Who doesn't love that Northern Irish view??
Au revoir! 
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