Making Waves

'Water-baby' is something I have been called since I was young. I love water, and water sports. Sadly, I am beyond useless at them. I'm really not exaggerating, I am a total failure, but I still love to try.
I've been trying to learn how to wake board this summer with my boyfriends kite surfing board. Totally the same thing!!
It wasn't the sunniest day, but there was no wind and plenty of smiles, and off we went!

Andrew has been wake boarding all summer, along side his kite surfing, therefore he is pretty good!

We stopped off at an island to explore the area...

...and we ended up on Inishmacsaint Island. St Ninnid (c 532) founded a monastery on this island. There is an enclosure, a 14th Century Church on earlier foundations and a 12th Century High Cross.

We also met a few friends along the way.

After the small adventure, we headed back to land to put on our own wet suits so we could dive in. Yay!

Of course we stopped for some of my aunt's lemon cake and tea, why wouldn't we? Delicious!

Finally, time to really get going. Andy went first, per usual!!

We patiently waited our turn.

Hey hey, here we go! Stephanie was first up, it was also her first time trying out the board, so Andy was trainer and teacher for the day.

Nearly there...

Followed by Nadine, who was also a first timer.

Then the big sis. Now my sister and I have tried on numerous occasions to get up water skiing and wake boarding with zero success. Zero. 
But with enough determination, BOTH my sister and I got up for the first time. Sadly, there are no pictures of me getting up as my battery died.
However, my sister will show you how its done.
We now have the bug for it and want to get actually good at it, or at least decent so there will be a few more trips before I go back to Uni next week!

The day ended with an almighty bbq, and laughter drifting across the water after such an enjoyable day together.

Au revior for now!
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