Baking Delights!

A few months ago I went to a cupcake class at Angel Cake Bakery, and I fell in love with cupcakes after that! I have always loved baking...I can't cook, but baking is my strength!
So yesterday I started to make my cupcake delights...

The recipe was one I got at the class, its...

4oz Soft Butter
4oz Caster Sugar
2 eggs
40z Self Raising Flour
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Paste

Then its simple, you mix it all together and bake for 18-20 minutes.

Then these beauties come out of the oven!

For decoration, I have quite a few stampers that I use. So there was a mixture of flowers and butterflies made...very girly!
I rolled out the sugar paste, then added 'Grape Violet' and 'Pink' colours to it. Then I started to stamp and decorate!

For the butter-cream icing, it was another one of the recipes that Angel Cake Bakery had.

4oz Soft Butter
8oz Icing Sugar

The combine the whole mixture together and beat until it is light and fluffy! 

My favourite part, the decoration on the cupcakes. I used a piping bag and got going!
Doesn't it look delicious? 

Last of all, the icing decorations were placed on top...

And there we go, scrumptious home made cupcakes!

Finally, I sat down with a cup of tea and a cupcake, thinking of what I would I would love to bake next time...

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