A Feast of Simple Goodness

Now I love burgers, I pretty much have a love affair with food...but burgers seem to always hit the spot!
So my boyfriend, brother and I decided to make a feast. We are BIG eaters and tonight was no exception.

My boyfriend says there are two ways to my heart - food and shopping! So tonight was good homely food and off to the shops we went...

First of all, 6 gorgeous beef burgers hit the frying pan with a sizzle...

Then we added some red onion to add to the flavour (and yes, there are 6 burgers for 3 people!!)...

Before the burgers went on, we had peeled and boiled some new potatoes for 20 minutes and then with some gorgeous M&S potato seasoning, it all was thrown into the Actifry for 40 minutes.
I don't have pictures, but we also boiled carrots, then mashed them with some delicious butter to make a mouth-watering mash.

Then TA-DAH!! With a sesame seed bun, sweet chilli sauce and a generous helping of cheese, this homely, scrumptious and filling food emerged...

With the potatoes and mash to match.

 And what did I do for dessert I hear you ask? Well I decided to make some of The Londoner's 100 Cal Chocofudge Brownies! Now of course mine don't look half as good as hers do, but they were goooood.
I added a few more nuts than she did, but I am a nut addict!
I sometimes love not getting the recipe perfect the first time around, it means I get to try it again and again!

Guess we all better get munching...
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