Day 3

After a day of adventure, we decided a spa day was needed! Therefore, the next morning I headed down for a 'Luxury Facial' and a manicure. Divine! 
I have never had a facial, and my my, I also never knew I could enjoy someone working on my face for 60 minutes! The lavender smells and the nourishing oils left me in another world...a world that didn't have a care!

But let me just first of all talk about breakfast at Castle Eske. WOW!
Starting off with the Continental...

 Then moving on to the traditional Irish Fry...

We then chilled in the luxurious living area before our spa...ahhhh...

Just to relax a little bit more, we then headed for Afternoon Tea. Now, getting a farmer to afternoon tea was an act of great persuasion but per usual, I won!

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Andy?

Small cups for big men.

Afterwards, to burn off some of the delicious food, we headed for a walk around Lough Eske. It was cloudy, but hey, what's different about that in Ireland?

The gorgeous Castle.

They all swam away on me...

The day ended with dinner by the beach.

I didn't take pictures of the meal, but it was fishcakes and a traditional Irish Lamb extravaganza! 
We went back to the hotel for dessert and to chill in the lounge with our full bellies!

Vanilla Cream Puffs (Andrew said he wasn't hungry so these we're for me, yet once he tasted one of them, I think he ate most of it!)

Oh yes, and a luxury hot chocolate to finish the indulgence.

And that was the end of our short spa break, we loved every minute! Its so much fun to discover places in Ireland which aren't too far away. There is nothing like discovering adventures in your home. We will be doing that again some time, hopefully sooner rather than later...

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