Lil' Country Girl

Now I'm from Northern Ireland, and to stick to the stereotype - yes we have a farm!
I don't really work on the farm since I am beyond useless, but one thing I can do is paint a that is what I did today!

So I put on my old clothes and headed to the farm with my dog, Sweep.
Of course with a cup of tea in hand.

And off we go!

 Sweep was, as always, the great helper!

Keeping guard at all times.

  And this is my little donkey, Daisy May! My family adore donkeys so we decided to get one about 3 years ago, isn't she gorgeous?

Daisy became a bit of a nuisance when she kept leaning against the paint but hey, I enjoyed the company! 

Yep, the paint started to go everywhere...

It was so relaxing just painting and listening to some music on my iPod. On repeat today was Mumford and Sons - one of my favourite bands which are perfect for motivation.  

 Oh dear...

And with a hop, skip and a jump...

 We set off home again over the fields ready for a nice caramel hot chocolate.

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