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The Wedding...

So I was invited to the lovely wedding of my Boyfriend's cousin this summer. I thought I would show off this wedding in my blog as it was so beautifully done. 

The picture above is my boyfriend and I. This was a very special Karen Millen dress that I wore, which I completely adore. The shoes were ASOS and the hat was made by a lovely lady in my home town. 

And oooooh yes, there was ice-cream outside the church!

The rain started to pour for a while, but it gave me the chance to pose in the rain!

The reception was 'Castle Leslie' and was absolutely breathtaking. With the sun now splitting through the sky, the caste just shone with glamour and class. 

The bride and groom were also beautiful. They were definitely a couple in love!

I am a person of personal touches, so this table of pictures, a scrapbook to write messages and the words 'And They Lived Happily Ever After...' just pull on my heart strings. The simplicity yet delicate details of the whole wedding made it one to remember.

Whilst the tea on arrival was in the castle, the reception was held in a permanent marquee. I adore marquees, the crisp white draping and the delicate flowers, I thought it was absolute perfection! I love neutral and pastel colour schemes, so this matched my personal style well. I just loved everything the bride did.

And whats a wedding without a little fun with photography?

So congratulations to the Handsome Groom and the Beautiful Bride, I wish you blessings and a long, happy life together.

And at the end of the day, after all the dancing and smiling, the heels were left back into the wardrobe ready for the next occasion...

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