Day 2

We woke up to start our adventure to Glenveagh National Park. To be honest, I had never heard of it before! However, a friend told us it was worth a visit so off we went!

Glenveagh National Park is a beautiful landscape. It lies in among the Derryveagh mountains in the northwest of Co. Donegal. The park was established in 1986, and includes bogs, mountains, lakes and woods. It also includes two of the highest mountain peaks in Donegal - Errigal and Slieve Snacht.

There is such beauty within this landscape. Around the castle were exquisite walled gardens (apparently built by Belgiums as a thank you for letting them stay years ago).

One of my favourite things to do is photography. I don't have an amazing camera or all the special equipment but I have a real excitement for beauty and patience for the right moment.

The gardens had many hidden features to contrast the plants.

We decided to have a tour of the castle since I have a real fascination with I feel I belong in one! Sadly they did not allow photography within the tour though.

The castle was built between 1867 and 1873. It reflects an Irish Medieval theme.
Ahhh, just look at that view (even with the cloudy day)...

Yes, that is what you think, the castle's outdoor pool. It was the first one in Ireland, but not in use any more, obviously. There is a small door at the side of the pool which the staff used to have to heat the pool with turf from underneath. Wow!

 The day came to an end with tired feet, so off to the tea rooms we went for some treats.

Then one last look out to the garden and a few more snaps, and we were off to the hotel again.

Hopefully we will see this breath taking view again.

For dinner, an Indian was the only thing that would do! We had seen great reviews about this little place, Chandpur Indian Restaurant, so we tried it out.

Meat Samosa for starter.

For main course, Khusbu Delight. Nothing like a good Indian to warm us up after an active day.

Dessert was easy, we skipped to the shop for some chocolate, made a cup of tea in our room and snuggled down for a movie. Perfection!

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