Trips Away - Day 1

Andrew and I decided to go on a Spa weekend away rather than a hot holiday this year just to do something a bit different.
Therefore, we set off for Castle Eske for a 3 night stay. Wonderful!

First of all, on the way down we stopped in at Castle Archdale. It is a simple place I spent a lot of my childhood, so we went for a walk around the sights. 

Andrew wanted to see the WW1 exhibit of course...

Then we arrived at the gorgeous hotel in Donegal, and me being me, I got straight into the spa rooms to try them out!

Irish girl moment when you like the room because it 'has a good cup of tea' in it.

We were ravenous so we headed into town to eat at Pearl's Place. The food was wonderful, and I love good presentation...and they definitely succeeded. No fuss, just good food.

Bacon and cheese scone as an appetizer.

Deep fried brie for starter.

For main course, it was a tender steak with garlic butter sauce and homemade chips.

Oh yes, dessert was one my favourites, crème brûlée (heeeello...)

It ended with a walk along the water to burn some of the meal off, then we scurried off to sleep for tomorrows adventures...

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