Summer Beauty Products

Whilst my adventures in Thailand have ended for the time being, the beauty regime never stops!

I thought I would show you exactly what I used before, during and after my holiday to keep me looking decent.

I don't claim to know anything about beauty, how it works or what I should use. I'm young and try out new products constantly, and this is simply what I decided worked for me for my holiday.

I am always trying something different. I never like to keep the same product for too long since there is so much choice out there.

So this is the full view of what I used...

Let's begin with my nails. A well polished nail is a must for holiday, and whilst I am going through a phase of gel nails at the moment, I wanted more of a variety whilst I was away.

What I used was:
  1.  O.P.I french manicure set which sadly I didn't close properly and it spilt all over my makeup bag on the way home. I really love this product, but sadly in a typical french manicure, it chips in less than a day. You can get the white tip here and the pink undercoat here.
  2. My lovely Rimmel nail polish is one of my favourites. Every girl needs a striking red polish for their nails and this is definitely one I would recommend. It can be bought in all the major stores.
  3. My top coat 'Seche Vite' is simply amazing. It gets its name as the best for a reason. I'm just in love! If you don't have it - get it!
  4. Last but not least it is my base coat from Essie. This is a protein layer designed to help with nail strength and growth. I don't think it has worked its magic in that way, but it gives the nail polish a lovely smooth, long lasting finish so I am happy!

Now this is a real treasure which I am sure many girls will have. The tangle teaser.

I had this recommended to me by a friend and have been blown away at how good it is for my thick and heavy hair. It was fantastic for the pool on holiday, and even in my bag for a touch up.

Flake away is something I have been using for well over a year now.

For those smooth summer legs you have been after - voila! It is the exfoliator for you!

Another benefit is that it smells amaaaazing, making you want to lather it all over your body and not just your legs.

Now it comes to my whispy hair, which is impossible to control in a humid environment.

For the holiday I didn't take my make up bag or any heated appliances. I wanted a break from the constant straightening and hair drying. You with me girls? Yeeeeah!

I'm an Aussie girl through and through but it was time for a change.

  1. TRESemme Keratin Smooth was a shampoo which didn't really help my hair to a great extent. I love TRESemme products, and it worked a treat on holiday, but after a few weeks my hair was extremely dry and frizzy.
  2. Toni & Guy are a product I haven't really tried out fully. This is a conditioner for dry and damaged hair. It smells lovely and leaves my hair silky smooth. I think it really helped with my crazy hair on holidays and since then as well.
  3. Yardley is a brand I am completely in love with right now. Anything that smells of peonies and I am there!! This body wash left me smelling and feeling great - I will be buying this again and again.
  4. Moroccanoil is something every girl has heard off. Personally, I had not tried it until now but with 3 weeks in the sun, I felt it was time to try it out after countless recommendations. I can agree with every girl out there too - unbelievably good! Maybe a little pricey however, might look for something just as good but less money.
  5. Finally, my beloved heat spray. I usually use LOreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protection Spray but this cute Charles Worthington Colour Heat Protection was a great size for travelling and did its job. I prefer the LOreal though!

My skin is always causing me problems and I am extremely self conscious about it. I am prone to blemishes 24/7. I have scaring now because of it as well. I have tried every skin cleanser, toner and moisturizer out there. They seem to work for other girls, but not me. So I am trying out a new product every few weeks once I realise again and again that each product doesn't help. Any advice?

  1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel for oily skin is a great product, but hasn't helped my skin. I feel it is brilliant for removing all make up and leaving your skin refreshed so I would recommend. However, I will probably move on again soon.
  2. My Liz Earle toner is a spray on and a total life saver when your rushing in the morning. You don't need cotton wool, simply spray and go!
  3. Nivea is a loved product for the women in my family, and their moisturizer is the same for me. Oil-free for spotty skin and loving on your face during the summer months.

Then comes the daily routine of moisturising my sun-tired skin in Thailand. The exposure can leave your skin lifeless and all I want is silky smooth legs. I've got the exfoliation down, now its time to make them as smooth as a baby's bottom. I wanted my hands to look tip-top too with a new glistening ring on it.

  1. Yet again this summer it is Yardley I have turned to for both my hand and body moisturiser. Smelling of blue orchid and peonies, it is like heaven on my skin. They help me leave the house feeling as fresh as a daisy, especially in the sweaty Thailand heat.
  2. Then comes one of my all time favourites - Garnier aftersun with aloe vera. A-maz-ing. This leaves your skin so refreshed and helps keep your tan so well. I higly recommend even if you are not on holiday, use it during the summer months! My skin has never been so smooth!

And when that all wasn't enough, or a blemish got quite bad, I had two products to fall back on.

  1. The wonderfully famous Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. I agree with the many girls out there that use this product, it is a winner. Need I say any more?
  2. And when you do suffer with constant blemishes like me, boi-ing is the concealer to have in your back pocket. It seems to cover every imperfection and spot, I love just popping it on so no more on my face is needed but a smile.

Lastly, what did I use for sun protection during the hot, humid days? Oh nothing more than Piz Buin ultra light dry touch face fluid (SPF 15) and Piz Buin (SPF 15) tan and protect range. I think Piz Buin helps you get the nice golden glow you want from the sun, and I am always packing it whenever I go.

PHEW, there we go! A rummage through my beauty bag, all my products of the summer and a not-so-professional opinion. 
I am just loving having the legs out, the tan golden and a big grin of my face every time it is sunny.

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