You, Me & The Sea

We have said goodbye to Chiang Mai for now, hoping to return someday soon. I need to get on an elephant again! It was back to Phuket four our few last nights on the sunny island.

Our second last hotel was Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa, situated on a tiny island with not much else.

So we hoped on the hotel speed boat and away we went.

Once we arrived on dry land, we were treated to a hotel shuttle to and from our rooms for the whole duration of our stay since it is such a walk. Everyone has their own private villa with a beautiful private pool and massssive living areas.

But I quickly explored the hotel pool before we were whisked away.

After we left our luggage off, we headed down to the beach for some lunch. Now, we didn't get to explore too much, but what we did see what quaint wooden shacks with restaurants ran by woman who spoke zero english.

This may look like a place where diseases come and rest, but they have to be my favourite.

You can go to the nice restaurants, which we did, or you can get the real experience.

These woman in the kitchen have cooked their whole life for many family members and friends. They know their stuff!

We pointed at what we wanted on the menu, with no idea what we were going to get, but it was delicious anyway.

After filling our bellies, we headed back in search of sunshine.

And we found some.

So we took the opportunity to try out our private pool.

Which ended well...

But the waters soon calmed after our childish fun, and I admired the most beautiful place I have ever stayed. An infinity pool which overlooks the breathtaking sea, I could not have asked for anything more here, especially with my fiancee by my side.

I used to be thee most self-conscious girl ever, and I still am I suppose. I hated showing any part of my body incase someone else dared call it fat. I hated my body, my height, and I thought I could never like any part of myself.

In the past few years, I have realised the only person who could change my opinion of myself was me. My fiancee thinks I am beautiful, so why should I hide myself?

Soon the sun was setting (which can I say is beautiful when you are sitting on the balcony watching it every single night say goodbye to another day) and we went down to the beach for a walk.

I decided to make everyone else aware on the island that I was engaged too.

We had a huge helping of chicken satay, homemade spring rolls and chicken with cashew nuts.

We headed back to the villa and sat by the lit pool reading our books. I have started the Hunger Games now and I am completely engrossed, although I am years behind everyone else. Whoops!

This place my just be my heaven on earth...

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