Wat Chedi Luang

We lay in after a busy few days, but the sunshine burst through the windows causing us to awaken from our slumber. 

There were a few things left on my list of what to do. The first one being a traditional thai massage. 

The smile on my face shows how excited I was about being pampered for an hour and let me tell you, it was so good. These tiny girls worked their magic through all knots in my body until I was ready to face the world with a new found energy! I still cannot believe how forceful they can be yet so petite! They sit on you with all their might, even with Andrew who had a girl on him half his height!

We then took a stroll down the streets and landed in the market for some lunch.

Lunch consisted off a massive bunch of bananas the size of my head for a few pennies and some lovely spicy nuts which got a bit sickening by the end. There was more delicious chicken munched on as well.

 Next on the list was a tour of some of the big Buddhist Temples in Thailand.
I can't remember the name of the first one we went to - whoops! It was small but so exquisitely beautiful with its architecture and the detail put into it.

The detail, the offerings, the temple itself were many come every year is something to behold. It is beautiful and bold.

On a side note, if your ever going, don't wear strapped sandals. They are such a hassle for getting on and off every time you enter the temple. 

Annnnnd a few too many pictures of me...

But we decided it was time to see something a little bigger...

We arrived at Wat Chedi Luang which was partially destroyed in a great earthquake in 1545. This temple compound also houses the city pillar, Sao Inthakin, for which an annual ceremony is held celebrating the strength and prosperity of the city every year.

This is the hall infront of it all which was golden and glistening in the sun. It is called the large viharn (assembly hall) next to the ruined chedi and was built in 1928.

I'm not going to lie, my knowledge about Buddhist Temples is not great. But when I look around, you can do nothing but appreciate the gorgeous architecture around you.

We walked around the corner to Wat Chedi Luan which is the temple I talked about. And wow. It is huge! Stairs that looked like they were never ending up to a breathtaking temple.

 It was built around 600 years ago with I'm sure a great amount of hard work. The temple even once housed the precious Emerald Buddha, which is the holiest religious object in Thailand. It has four sides, each with a niche approached by a monumental stairway guarded by stone nagas (mythical snakes). Elephants stand guard midway up the platform.

I was simply in awe of it all. There was so much history to it, and it was lovely seeing Monks as well, which we don't really see every day in Northern Ireland. I loved every minute of seeing the culture that surrounds Thailand, and learning more about the temples, Buddism and Thailand itself.

I stripped off my shawl as soon as I could in the blistering heat as you have to cover up for the sacred temples. We walked through the busy streets back to our hotel, and spent the rest of the day sunbathing with ice teas around the rooftop pool before we hit the Night Bazaar again.

What a tough day...ahhh...
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  1. Looks like an absolute bliss day!

    1. Thank you so much Anastasia, it most definitely was! Your blog is amazing! xx

  2. Great post! After reading this and The Londoner's Thailand adventures I am desperate to go! Enjoy your trip X


    1. Thank you Gabriella, I am so glad you can share in my adventures! If you ever get the chance, definitely go! You won't regret it! xx

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