Claire's Hens and Her Little Chicks

Watch out, you may need to sit down for the length of this post with a cup of tea as it was day two my sisters hen do and it was time for a little more adventure! This came in the form of a farm called Foylehov with many activities to sink our teeth into...but I will explain them as we go along!

First of all, it was getting into uniform, which included lots of waterproof layers as it was beyond wet (there were even weather warnings) and our adorable hen party t-shirts for Claire.

Our first activity was archery. It turns out I don't really know my right from my left, as I shot for the first while with my left hand, only to realise I was doing it wrong as I am right handed!!

The hen won the archery...with myself coming, well...not last!

It was all aboard the back of a tractor for the next activity. We hens like to travel in style!

Suddenly, the sun broke between the clouds and the rain gave us a break for the rest of the day. We all shouted a big hallelujah!

The next activity may have been the scariest, funniest and my favourite  - hovercrafting!

The roar of the engine when it started made you jump, then suddenly it felt as you sped off, like you were glidding along the ground.
There were 3 sections to it - the practice (so he knew you could control it, which took a lot of direction), then the technical (a track with many sharp twists and turns, and some shallow ponds of water), then finally the speed round (which was my favourite, it had bigger turns, deeper water, and so much fun!).

This gliding meant driving around the track was a little mad, or driving off track sounds more like it.
The best part was gliding over water. You felt as if the hovercraft would sink as it touched it, but instead it gliding over like silk back on to solid land.

It was then on to powerturn buggies. No matter how hard you try, they will NOT tip, which makes driving them even more fun. We got a practice run, and then had a small track to speed around.

A few wheelies were allowed as well, with a little help at times...

We said our goodbyes, and arrived back at the house to queues of showers and hairdryers. The rain left us looking wild, which is not how you want to look for a hen dinner.

This is a little selfie of my outfit.
An year old Zara dress, which is so comfortable and definitely one of my summer favourites.
The shoes are old as well and come from Poetic License (I actually got them a lot cheaper on amazon).

We got the hen dressed up in her gear and started the photo frenzy of her...

The bride and her loyal bridesmaids...

Then a sister-sister pose.

We had a delicious meal at 55 Degrees North, stuffed to the brim and headed back to the house.

A few hen party games got started, and this  included a proposal and a 'This is your life' sketch of the hen, which needed a blonde wig to look the part and a home-made mask of her fiancee. Glamorous!

The next day, we slept in to recover then all gathered in the kitchen for french toast, crossiants, pancakes, cereals and yogurt. All the stuff made of dreams in my mind!

We all headed to Portstewart Stand for one last walk in our slowly decreasing numbers.

We all got our desired picture with the hen with the beautiful day beaming in the background.

Then we said our goodbyes as the rain threatened our day, and just as we hit the car, the rain poured...the whole way home!

What a wonderful time it was, to get to know my sisters close friends more, and enjoy each others company before the big day. In my last post, I showed how family and friends can all be involved in the celebration for Claire, all giving advice for the future and stories of Claire's past antics! We all wish you well for your married life Claire, I can't wait to be your bridesmaid!

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