He Liked It, So He Put a Ring On It

I have been so excited to share this post with you. If you know me, you will have been aware of my exciting news for a week now, but I get to share it all over again with all of you!

But I am getting ahead of myself, and don't scroll down too fast you sneaky thing! Remember, patience is a virtue.

Everywhere is Thailand you get these beautiful spirit houses outside buildings. These are miniature dwelling places for invisible helpful spirits, such as guardian angels that live in the land. Others believe the spirits own the land and must be given a better place to live than the house or building that will be built. They are an offering of respect. 
I love seeing other cultures, their beliefs and how they choose to carry out their daily lives.

So now that I have shown you some culture, it was back to the hard daily task of sunbathing.

But the pool was empty, and I wanted a little more action and sea salt. Therefore, we dived off to the beach club, got comfortable on a lounger and grabbed an iced hazelnut latte.

We walked back to the hotel that afternoon, and I chilled a little longer on our private loungers. 
Andrew started acting a little strange and wouldn't come outside. I thought nothing of it, and got ready to head to dinner. 

We had decided to watch the sunset on the rocks by the beach. Andrew started acting stranger and stranger, almost jumping from foot to foot. He had something bigger planned that night...

We arrived on the rocks by the beach, and whilst we were waiting for the sun to set, Andrew got down on one knee and ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!
With shaking knees, he opened up the ring box, and presented me with the most gorgeous, beautiful ring I could have ever imaged. I put it straight on and started at it for the next...well actually I am still staring at it!

Happiness doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling. I get to marry my best friend, my partner in crime and love of my life. Blessings are overflowing!
Poor Andrew felt a little more than relieved by the end, after carrying a ring in his pocket for a week. It was worth it!

Dinner wasn't really enjoyed as I didn't take my eyes of Andrew or the ring. I can't even remember what we ate, just that it was a beautiful setting on the beach. It was the first time in my life I didn't feel hungry, I had too many butterflies in my stomach!

I am feeling the excitement all over again writing this post. I hope you are feeling it through my words and overexcited pictures...
"'Cause I'm happy..."

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