Rain Storms & Pulled Pork

It was time to move to our second hotel of our holiday. This one was one of my personal favourites, the Ayara Hilltops, Surin Beach. And when I say hilltop, I really mean hills. We even needed a buggy to bring us to and from our room amongst the trees and hills.

We arrived to a beautiful day...

And more drinks on arrival, with extra treats of local flowers that smelled divine.

But soon after we got settled in, the rain came down in our first proper rain storm. It had been relatively dry since we arrived for May here, but the thunder and lightening soon showed us what they could do!
Not wanting to sit inside for much longer, I enjoyed the Thailand rain with a few pictures...

The second the rain stopped, we dived into town for a look about. When we walked outside, I loved the foot bath outside our door as they had filled it with beautiful flowers, and the beautiful smell drifted into our room.

The buggy with the smiley driver came to collect us and took us right to the beach.


This is the beach front. It looked quite run down to be honest, but the people were always friendly and the food never disappointed.

When we finally decided to eat, we sat down to tables on the sand. This was the first night I experienced misquito bites, and it wasn't fun!
But anyway, the food was amazing. Not the most thai starters with pulled pork burgers and quesadillas to stare, but I can never resist a menu with pulled pork on the menu.

For main, I can't remember what we got but I don't think it got much more Thai. Andrew got ribs with a beautiful potato mash. I got something more Thai, but that is all I can remember of what it was - sorry. 

We headed back to sit by our balcony and read our books into the moonlight. Didn't you hear - relaxing is exhausting!

There is a particularly exciting post coming your way tomorrow, so stay tuned...if you know me personally you will know what its going to be, if not, pop by tomorrow to find out!

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