Breakfast in Thailand

So I thought I would start this post with showing you what gets me out of bed each morning - breakfast!

I started off my mornings with a helping of eggs benedict made at the 'egg station' in the buffet. Then you move on to the Thai breakfast which consisted of curry, rice and chicken satay on one side of the plate and the less than Thai other side with french toast and pancakes.
But oh, no no, I didn't finish there...last but not least, I finished off with pasteries. Crossiants, donuts and many other creamy, buttery goodness.

P.S. Yes I did put on weight!

From today onwards I also have a new routine in the morning - looking down at my hand at my beautiful engagmenet ring. Then I squeal, and do it all again an hour later!

Yet again, we went down to the beach to start the day. But in true Thailand style, it ended up with us running for cover from thunder.

So we sneaked off for some lunch instead. This included a bread basket of delicious, soft, warm bread. 

 Then we tucked into the most delicious beef wrap and club sandwhich. This was all soaked up with a lovely iced latte by the pool. I think I have a new love for iced tea and lattes.

We enjoyed the view whilst sunbathing as tomorrow we head up north in Thailand to Chiang Mai to begin the real outdoor adventures. Goodbye to sunbathing for a few days anyway!

We headed out for dinner, slowly saying goodbye to the place I said yes to the love of my life.
There has been a lot of excitement here, but there is even more to come!

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