Where Better To Spend My Birthday?

Here it comes, the big finale. The end. Goodbye to Thailand, goodbye to my beautiful paradise.

There was something to celebrate before we left however, my BIRTHDAY! I do slightly make a big deal of it every year. I am girl to go "Its one month to go, its two days until my birthday". It may get irritating for those around me. Whoops!

I woke up to the best view I could have imagined for my birthday, the sea stretching out for miles as I jumped from our room into the pool for a morning dip.

When we went down for breakfast, the staff greeted me with a birthday cake which was maybe just the cutest thing ever.

Probably not the most attractive picture of me, but it was morning okaaaaay!

A card was waiting eagerly that morning as well. Loved the card, not the drawing.

We headed to the hotel pool to check it out. It was completely empty as everyone has their own pool, but it did mean we got free massages when the spa staff passed by. Heeeeello!

I especially loved the wooden long tail boats in the middle of the pool, who wouldn't love water surrounding them at every corner?

But enough of this sitting about, I had bought myself an underwater camera case from Amazon (link provided) and I wanted to give it a go. 

My camera is more precious to me than my phone. It goes everywhere with me and I love capturing every moment life has to offer. 

I had been too scared to try it out incase I broke it, but Andrew told me to put on my big-girl-pants and dunk it in and it WORKED!

Taking selfies to a whole new level...

After splashing about in the massive hotel pool, we jumped in a shuttle back to our room and hit the pool there. 

This time there were a few more canonballs and a lot more screaming...

The hotel sent us up a fruit basket for our last day with them which was lovely.

As the sun was starting to die down for the day things got a little calmer. I'm pretty sure other villas could hear me as Andrew persistently pushed me again and again into the pool.

The sun set on my birthday for another year, but my my, what a sunset. 

This birthday was calm which is how I like it. If I could spend every birthday in a different country I would be living the dream!

Later on that night, you could see lightening strikes far away over the hills as we sat eager-eyed on the deck.

The next morning, we packed our bags as I kicked and screamed about going home. I huffed and puffed about leaving my beautiful pool, the gorgeous views and the heat. 

Oh the heat! I miss it the most.

Did I mention I am a sun worshiper at heart? Oh that came across? Good!

Life would be nothing but blissful waking up in your bed to this...

So I couldn't help myself when Andrew said we should take one last dip in the sea-water pool.

I mean it when I say it is the most content I have ever been in my life. My fiancee, tanned skin and water. I could simply not ask for one more thing except to stay longer.

Both my black and striped bikinis are from ASOS. 

The black one can be found here and here and the stiped passionfruit and white one can be found here

I have a few of the longline bikini tops now since they fit so unbelievably well and come in so many variations of designs.

I want to be in a bikini so badly right now looking back at these photos, walking outside to blistering heat.

But instead we loaded our bags and headed for the rain again.

Just look at it...

Thailand has surpassed all my expectations. It has made me desire to go back so badly that I dream of the food and people around me.

Thai people have made us feel very welcome, with staff giving us treatment like no other hotel standard in the UK. I feel so blessed I was able to say yes to becoming Andrew's wife in such a breathtaking country.

Goodbye for now Thailand. I have memories that will last a lifetime.

I said yes to the man I love, I rode bare back on an elephant, saw exquisite temples, ate wonderfully (but not always sure what it actually was I was eating) and saw views that just made you stop and stare out of beauty.

I felt the sun on my skin, sand in my toes and water gushing over me as I jumped in. Isn't that what summer is all about?

I went home having a bite of the long distance travel bug and boy am I ready for more. Where to next?

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  1. Great photos, sweety!! Happy birthday to you!!! Seems like you had an amazing time there!!!!

    I just found your blog and it seems very interesting!!!!

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