Leaving Home

It's been a while for me getting up and running again, and why is that you ask? Well I've moved back to do my 2nd year of Uni in Edinburgh.

It's been a week of packing, unpacking, tears, smiles, boats and long drives. But I'm back now for another year! Yay!

As you can see, I'm not a girl who packs light, or even heavy but in my tons.
It's all worth it though, as I've moved in with some wonderful girls. They have made the move from home so easy and care free. I cannot wait to see what moments are to come from the next year...

So now I'm blogging from Bonnie Scotland! 

Now getting back into everything Scottish. We love the bagpipes...

Lo gave it her best blow!

Au revoir...or Haste ye Back...whatever you want! X
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