Wriggle into the Wetsuit

There's nothing like your wetsuit on a cold summers day in Northern Ireland. You squeeeeeeze into it, pulling and tugging but you get there in the end!
But that's the easy part, because next come the crashing waves, cold sea breeze and shivery waters. 
However, it's one of my favourite things to do. Getting soaked with wave after wave, the laughter and then going back for a warm shower that you never realised how much you would appreciate...especially with all that sand running of you now! 

Oh I was so ready for it!

The skies have the slight glimmer of blue, but sadly it didn't stay for long. But did that dampen our spirits? NO! 

So I screamed to the sky with glee and rang for the waves. 

Shame I ran back out again 5 minutes later after seeing multiple jelly fish. Oh dear! Ah well, maybe another day...

Therefore, we decided to take to the sand dunes. 

And we climbed and ran up and down until we were tired...like little children! 

After all the adventure, we grabbed our shoes and towels, and headed back to the caravan for a lie down. 
The simple things in life are definitely the best. Who doesn't love the beach?

Au revoir!
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