Breakfast at Tiffany's...not quite!

There is something about a breakfast away from home. At home, or uni, or just in average life, breakfast is rushed. You hoover the porridge up and down the cup of tea faster than you have ever seen before. Sometimes breakfast happens during multitasking, like getting changed. It is hurried and gone before you've hit the door on the way out.
But when your on holiday, or a weekend away like us, its different. Breakfast is all about leisure. Beautiful food is placed in front of you, no preparation needed. There is nothing to rush off to at that second.  You can breathe, relax. That tea that you crawl out of bed for is now wafting its way towards you.

Carrluccio's was beautiful. The food rising around us as we stepped through the doors.

An Earl Grey tea and an Eggs Benedict was the only thing that would leave me satisfied on this fine day.

Our family then shared a couple of croissants with marmalade and butter.

We left with full bellies for the exciting day ahead, rushing home to get ready for the wedding.

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