What's Up With Your Face?

 It is extremely rare for me to do a beauty post. I'm not sure why because I am always trying new things and looking for new products. But I suppose that is a reason in itself - there are not many products that I feel I would never stray away from except for a couple. 
I am also in no way an expert, I make far too many mistakes when it comes to beauty so I don't really feel like I should give advice, but here is what I do!

When it comes to my skin, there is nothing that is more changeable than my face beauty routine. I have irritating breakouts most of the year which will only show signs of leaving once I have been in the sun for a while, so that solution is out the window in the UK!

My skin is just so sensitive and can be quite sore at times. I have tried everything for my unclear skin - Proactive, Clinique 3 Step Solution, Liz Earle, Simple, Nivea, Boots own brand...anything from the eye watering expensive to just good ol' water.

Some have worked, some haven't. So if any of you have ANY tips, please send them my way in the comments. What works for you?

Anyway, I've slightly changed my routine again in January and here it is. Tah-Dah!

 So outside the bowl we have the following:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: girls, you think all your makeup is off - think again! Wipe this cool, gentle water over your skin with a cotton bud and boom, you will find makeup on the wipe that you thought was gone forever! Honestly, try it! 

Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover: this is a lovely cleansing lotion for your little peepers. It wipes away every bit of mascara when the day is done!

Then we have got what is inside the bowl:

Super Facialist by Una Brennan: this is a salicylic acid (which I know is great for unclear skin) anti blemish cleansing wash. I use this twice at the end of the night, so a double cleanse. This is to make sure everything is off my face and I am completely fresh. I sometimes would only use this at night, and then just water to wash my face in the morning so I'm not being too harsh on my skin.

Dr Jart Clear Away Gel: I received this in the post with Birchbox a month ago, which you use on your skin once a week. I pop it on just before I go in for a shower and its been great. It is a lovely, soothing product for your skin which you have to massage in (which I adore).

Simple Facial Scrub: this is oil balancing and a lovely exfoilator which you can use daily. I use it 3-4 times a week so far and I have to say it really works. It says it shows 64% less blackheads in 7 days, which I feel is majorly exaggerated but there has been a small difference in the past 3 weeks.

Simple Clear Skin Moisturizer: another oil balancing product for my skin - I like to keep my products aiming for the same goal! It claims to eliminate shine and keep your skin clear. I've only had it a couple of weeks since I moved away from my No7 moisturizer (far too thick and really irritated my poor skin) and so far it dries quickly, keeps my winter skin from drying up and hasn't caused any more breakouts.

Simple products are something I went back to recently. I have spent quite a while looking for the wacky, chemical infused products to pretty much burn my spots off. Sadly, they haven't done much. I then realized how kind I need to be to my skin, and less is more. I love how simple products aren't harsh, but love your skin. It came to a point when I thought I was doing more harm to my skin through these harsh products than good. So here is 2015 and being kind to your skin! (I will probably change my mind in a few months, but let me have my moment guys!!)

Finally, my Mask of Magnaminty: this is my favourite Lush product so far. It is a peppermind face and body mask...but so far my face has been lathering it up with its goodness. It fights eruptions and breakouts, which I can truly say it does. It leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth and fresh. It is a great mask for a lazy morning since the peppermint is so reviving and awakening. I use it once a week and haven't looked back, I will be buying this again for sure!

If there is anything else you want to know about my skincare routine, please ask! I will say again that I am not an expert, but just experimenting all the time!

Also, let me know what your ideas for better skin are. I am dieing to know!!

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  1. I will definitely be buying that lush mask you recommend, sounds amazing! I love the one that smells of peppermint chocolate mmm....