My Favourite Flippin' Day

Flip, Pancake Tuesday has really creped up on us!

Like what I did there?!

I must say, like many others, Pancake Tuesday is one of my favourite days of the year! You grab your bowl, lots of Nutella and goodies, and get cookin'!

There is nothing better than licking that spoon after either...

It's a time to get all your buddies, family, cat, dog, whoever is there and gather round the table to top your pancakes with all your favourite ingredients! Nutella with a dollop of cream is my personal favourite!

In the flat we are pretty excited about this day! Pancakes for breakfast and dinner is okay, right? 

*update* So which pancake recipe did I use to make the fluffiest, buttery, most scrumptious pancakes ever...

Only Nigella Flippin' Lawson's American Pancake Recipe

You NEED to try it, I promise you will never go back to another recipe after trying these bad boys!
So get your apron on, grab your friends and get going! Don't worry about the mess either - the more batter that gets on the furniture, the tastier they are...promise!! 

So Happy Pancake Day everyone!


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