Laura Came to Edinburgh

One thing I love most in this world is my friends. I love them even more when they come to visit from home!

It is beyond a blessing to know someone is willing to take a few days out of their busy schedule to fly over and see me. And see this beautiful city I live in! There is no one who comes to Edinburgh and doesn't fall completely in love.

Laura and I have been friends for a few years now. We went from being teens together and chatting late at night about boys to both getting engaged within a month or so of each other. I love seeing her, she is a godly, generous, joyful person who gives me great advice and plenty of laughs! We don't get to see each other very much with our busy schedules (and we live in different places), so it was beyond a treat to have her here, especially since she will be a Mrs in a few weeks.

On Saturday, we went to one of my favourite places for breakfast and lunch - Papii. Its a small little cafe bursting with beach style. 

You squeeze yourself down across from the quaint tables and stare up at the board with wonder at what lovely food you can gorge on.

I sat down to a delicious tomato and chilli soup with a baguette filled with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and salami.

This was an even better day due to the fact I  had the pleasure of meeting Laura's cousin Annastasia who got the train up and hung out with us for the day. We got along instantly!

She was so excited to be in Edinburgh, and I was so glad she was able to enjoy it with us! I feel like a proud mama when others love my gorgeous city!

It wasn't long before we grabbed our bags and headed for Edinburgh Castle.
It was a slightly dull day and completely freezing, but we were a determined bunch!

With a few cheeky pictures along the way...

The top of the Royal Mile is always bursted with tourists in all directions, so its not somewhere I tend to go.

But the view from the top is spectacular. Seeing Edinburgh from such a birds eye view is breathtaking, even when its cloudy and rainy.

We all got on our tippy-toes to see how far the view could stretch.

Then we scurried inside to get out of the cold for just a minute.

Isn't it pretty?

I'm going to admit something...I'm not a history buff. Not really that into reading about the castle or the history behind it. I know the basics and it ends there.

I know that sounds bad, but I'm just being honest.

What I love is the beauty of history - the architecture that can surround the building and its wonder in pictures.

Hello there. How you doin'?

We strolled around through every knook and cranny until our legs got sore. 

Some of it we took seriously, some we didn't. But we surely had fun in the process.

We headed back out after seeing the Crown Jewels and went in search for some coffee. 

It was quite late on by this point so we went into Mimi's for some cupcakes and they were full up, Jacob's was about to close, so off we went to Costa.

Latte's and Caramel Squares warmed our freezing fingers up. 

We caught up with fits of laughter and sharing engagement stories before Laura makes the leap. Yay!

This is one of my favourite pictures ever. FACT.

We said our goodbyes to Annastasia, but glad I now know one more person to dance along with at the wedding! 

Laura and I went back to the flat to lie on my bed for a while. We were exhausted after all that walking.

But slowly the hunger for something more crept in and our stomachs growled. 

We headed to a new place called Burger Meats Bun which does exactly what is says on the tin - good burgers and crispy chips. Boom.

Simple good food after a long day.

The burgers are filled to the brim with delicious beef, but the chips are so deliciously crispy and salty, they were the best bit. I could have asked for 5 buckets of them.

Emma joined us for dinner as well which made it even more fun as we dived into the burgers.

The day finished chatting to the early hours of the morning over tea and desserts.

Laura, I love you, please come back soon!

Also, 2 weeks until the big day *ahhhhh*

As I've said, it is so special to welcome a friend over to university. I love people now knowing who my friends are over here, where I sit in my room when I'm on the phone with them and enjoying time in my favourite places. Blessed Jess (can this become a saying for life? haha)

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