A Little Lipsy Number

I always love a beautiful top that can be worn with jeans. When your looking for that 'not too fancy but I still wanna look like its a nice occassion' kinda thing, you get it?

I love something that brings me in at the waist, so when it comes wearing jeans with them I don't look like a big frump

Say hello to this little gem.

Its a gorgeous Lipsy lacey number you can find here. I don't really buy from Lipsy as it is not usually my style, but I'm in love today.

It is sophisticated yet feminine with the peplum and flirty lace detail. It had a V neckline on the front and back. 

Andrew got me it for Valentine's...he does well sometimes!

I teamed it with a pair of black jeans and little black heeled boots. Keeping it simple for dinner.

The top is beyond  comfortable and is made of quite a sturdy material which hides all lumps and bumps.

So in the end the only question left is...can I buy another one?

Phew, now that was over we headed to our favourite Chinese in Edinburgh - Karen's Unicorn.

I love this place. They all have headsets on which makes it hilariously professional and once you sit down they present you with a bowl of prawn crackers - I like something to nibble on when I'm deciding.

We started off our meal by sharing a half Crispy Aromatic Duck with all the trimmings. Mmm-hmmm. 

The only problem with this dish is that sharing usually causes arguments between Andrew and I as he eats so fast and I ALWAYS want half. So the only answer is to divide it at the beginning so I don't cry that he has eaten too much. 

Tough lives we lead, eh?

I got Shredded Chilli and Garlic Beef and Andrew helped himself to Honey and Chilli Chicken. I had never had a 'dry' dish before so the chilli really hit me sometimes but I actually quite liked it.

With a little rice on the side to seal the deal. Oh yeah. You can choose between a bowl or a plate here to eat your dinner from. I always opt for a bowl as its nice to always be having a little bit, then a little more and a bit more after that.

The rice here is amazingly fluffy against the crispy beef. I could have licked my lips just to have some more.

When paying for the bill, they gave us little truffles to pop in our mouths. I loved the sweet chocolate to finish us off before we said our goodbyes until the next time. 

In Edinburgh there is such an abundance of choice of where to eat. I can't help myself when I keep falling in love with every meal. Agreed?

Where to next...hmm...
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