Restaurant Roulette

Have you ever had a group of people unsure of where to go for dinner? You all don't really mind where you go as long as its good...but no one wants to really say where!

Well have I got a plan for you - Restaurant Roulette!

It's easy and quite fun when chatting about what to put down...

So grab 2 small pieces of paper each.

On one put a place you would love to go (preferably one you haven't been to before just to spice it up).

On the other put a place you would...well...prefer not to go! It doesn't have to be an awful place, just somewhere that doesn't quite fit the occasion.

Everyone should pop them all in a bowl, hat, whatever you have. Give it a little shake.

Then...leave it until your all dolled up and ready to go. Adds a little bit of excitement at the thought of going to KFC in your dress and heels, eh?

Grab the bowl and get someone to lift one piece of paper out. NO PEAKING. Then - boom you have your place to eat!

If you are feeling like one place just isn't enough, then choose again and you have your place for dessert!

We all rushed back from uni to celebrate Lois finishing her placement. It actually turned into a 'celebration night' for each of us. 

Sometimes you forget about how much there is to celebrate. For you it could be having a good week at university, finishing a project, having a good hair day, remembering the friends you have - there is too much to celebrate.

We all counted our blessings for one night over some Thai food (which is the restaurant I put in).

Here is Chaophraya which is an unbelievable Thai restaurant. 

It has a glass booth which has a view of Edinburgh Castle and much of the city - this is amaaaazing to look at during the night. The lights glisten and the glasses around us clink as everyone everyone enjoys their time together.

They have a great deal for all you early birds out there - 2 courses and a Chang beer for £14.95. 

I don't drink so water is usually my choice of beverage, but I was able to swap the beer for a tea after the main course which was perfect.

The staff here were so accommodating. They could not have been more helpful or pleasant. 

I always feel that you need to pay for the whole experience. I need friendly staff who will always be pulling out my chair or grabbing my coat, its not just about the food. Well, it is mostly about the food.

Oh just look at that skyline...

I got the Chicken Satay to start and moved onto the Panang Beef Curry for main.

The chicken satay was "so succulent" - I declared this as everyone else got the duck which they all agreed was delicious too.

The main was equally delicious. It really filled us up too. The flavours were bursting through the tender beef.

The egg on top sounded a little strange, but it worked very well. 

I am definitely heading back for some more of this. There were no complaints at our table, just silence as we devoured our dinner.

The earl grey kept us chatting for was a celebration after all!

Before we sadly said our goodbyes and celebrated the whole way home!

This will be one place I will be happily back to. A little spice never hurt no one! 

Also...hearing 'Sawadee ka' from all the staff has got me yearning for Thailand again, I am already looking up last Mays blogposts. Can someone bring me some pad thai and elephants please? Thanks!

Overall, it was lovely to sit back and think of reasons to celebrate. 

Perhaps this week you could grab a friend...or ten...and each say what you want to celebrate over coffee, dinner, or a piece of cake. Count your blessings and your friends too. You will soon realise there is plenty to smile about!

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