The New Leaf Co-op

If there is one thing in life that I love - its peanut butter.

Give me it in porridge, on fruit (well for some - I'm not a fruit lover unless its banana) , covered in chocolate, or pretty much anything else and I am there.

Juicy Lucie got the idea of going to make our own with the New Leaf Co-op.

They have their own nut butter making machine. Oh yes, I tell no lie!

They have different nuts for each day:
Monday - Almond Butter
Tuesday - Cashew Butter
Wednesday to Saturday - Peanut Butter
But wait for it, on Saturday between 4:30 to 6:30 its Chocolate Peanut Butter Happy Hour! Can I hear a hallelujah? 

The New Leaf Co-op have a very simple aim - to offer affordable, healthy, organic products. This is locally sourced and fair trade. It is all done with as little packaging as possible to top it all off!

This doesn't just include food as well, but household products too.

We got a little snap happy with all the gorgeous colours. 

The little packaging aim means everything is boxed in containers and you just scoop what you need.

My favourite was the different teas...

I grabbed some lemongrass and dreamed off Thailand again when they used to serve this to us as we arrived at the hotels.

Massive boxes of grains, nuts, dried fruit, pulses and beans just lay in front of us.

You just pop it into a bag, weight it and boom!

You know when everyone else is taking the shopping experience really seriously and your giddy with excitement about loose grain...yeah that was us!

Then we saw what we were waiting for. Our magic machine.

We got some jars available from the store, but your best to bring your own. Remember to weigh the jar first at the till (we made that mistake)!

It's as easy as pie. All you do is turn on the machine and watch as the crunchy peanut butter drizzles down into the jar.

So we didn't technically 'make our own' as it was THAT easy, but ain't nobody got time to grind your own!

The smile of a very happy chappy...

We filled our jars to the absolute brim, but you can just fill to the amount you want to pay for if you just want a taste.

We skipped the whole way home, eager to grab our spoons and dig in.

It was so sunny as we walked back through the Meadows past the morning cyclists and blooming daffodils. Everyone was out enjoying the first signs of spring.

It didn't take long for me to tuck in at home. I love it!

No excess sugar or ingredients - just delicious peanuts with a good crunch! I would highly recommend taking a trip with friends if your looking for wholesome, healthy food and household products.

Will we all see each other next Saturday for Chocolate Peanut Butter Happy Hour? Mmm-hmmm.

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