Round Two

Okay, okay! I know Pancake Tuesday was yesterday and I know I have already posted about it, but I couldn't resist another!

Welcome to ROUND TWO!

After a morning of soaking up everything delicious that is Nigella Lawson's American Breakfast Pancake Recipe we all decided that once was not enough!!

So, we all arrived home from university with bags full of goodies to set up.

Juicy Lucie got cooking her delicious buckwheat pancakes - for those of you who are the healthier at heart but still looking for that fluffy satisfaction have a look at the recipe, you will not be left disappointed!

The table started off with a few bits and pieces...

To make the perfect night in with your friends for a delightfully tasty (and fatty) bunch of deliciousness, all of the ingredients are necessary. I mean necessary.

We had scummy strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, icing sugar, sugar, nutella (why on earth would you ever have pancakes without it!), marshmallows to sprinkle on, lemon, maple syrup and a few drinks to wash it all down.

Oh you don't feel like that is enough? Yeah neither did we.

As the bags of food kept coming home, so did the Pancake Extravaganza! 

Delicious mini Easter eggs of all sorts to bite into. My my, we definitely did bite into them!
If you haven't crushed a creme egg on a pancake, do it now - now!

A new addition to the pancake making which will definitely be happening is Juicy Lucie's amazing coconut cream. Heeeello!!

All you do is pop your left over coconut milk in the fridge, after a few hours scoop out the hard stuff and whip it up. So light and fresh, its the perfect topping (with a splodge of Nutella in it as well - oh you naughty thing!)

The table was set, the pancakes were flipping and the bacon was getting crispier.

We all got our phones, cameras and anything we could get to take a picture and crowded round the table to snap away at our masterpiece.

But wait for it.

The finishing piece...

Aren't they just flippin' great.

The fluffiest bunch of pancakes that I ever did see.

 We laughed and stuffed our faces around the dinner table in absolute delight!

Didn't even take one picture of the actual pancakes being eaten as we were too quick to devour them. Deary me!

Pancake Tuesday was a triumph once again! A true celebratory day in my eyes!

I just love having a family style dinner with lots of goodies to pick and choose from with all of your loveliest friends gathered around. The chatter flows as you lean over one another and pass the food around.

I'm already running (or rolling after all I ate) back into the kitchen for leftovers...whoops...

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