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Happy (nearly) Valentine's Day! 

Whether your celebrating with your loved one, your best friend, or even your cat...we can all celebrate in this tradition of flowers (which I have never been bought) and just good ol' eating!

Andrew is over for a few days, so we decided to celebrate a little early by buying the Dine in for Two for £20 with M&S - can I hear a "Oh Yeah!!!" 

You get a starter, main course, side dish, dessert and bottle of wine/juice of your choice.

If you want to see the full menu on offer, check it out here.

Pretty much everyone in the flat is grabbing this bargain and I think I could have scooped up most of what was on offer. From the salted caramel brownie slices to the tomato and camembert tarts, I was in food heaven for choice! M&S I think we can all agree are the winners for dining with your loved one. Everything is tasty, fresh and takes minutes to prepare. 

Now, I am going to take this moment to apologize for the bad photography skills displayed here. I was just back from work, I was tired, hungry, and had the patience of a bear. Not a good combo. So there couldn't have been less effort for my photos or presentation, but I think you can all agree it still looks like a tasty treat! This also wasn't our valentine's dinner as we are heading out tonight to celebrate, so minimal was key here.
We started off with the 'Taste of Thailand' range with Chicken Satay. This included 4 delicious skewers which needed just 10 minutes in the oven and a little jar of peanut sauce to dip in to. 
I had some leftover garlic bread in the fridge which I popped on too, since as I said, I was like a grizzle bear for food! I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but it really did. We started dipping the crunchy garlic bread into the peanut sauce -  a treat!

The main was divine. Meat eaters unite for this!

A scrummy rump steak (cooked just rare-medium) smothered, quite literally, in a peppercorn sauce and rosemary potatoes as our side. The potatoes needed a total of 40 minutes in the over to cook, which was perfect timing for devouring our starter and onto cooking the steaks.

Of course that wasn't enough for the two grizzly bears, so I added on some roasted sugar snap peas with sea salt, chilli and garlic. Mm-hmm.

For drinks, we went for the non-alcoholic Mexican Lime and Lemongrass Valencia Juice. But if you know me, you know I only drink water and tea. So my drinks are always free flowing from the tap! 

Mmmmmmmm. That is all I can say.

I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious and tender the steaks were. A definite recommendation if your going for the deal.

Dessert was a hard decision in the shop. It is the finale of every meal, so it needs to be sweet enough to quench your hunger once and for all but not too heavy to make you feel sickly.

We narrowed it down to the posh profiteroles and the millionaire shortbread.The winner was the shortbread. Nothing can beat those layers of mouse, creamy filling and shortbread. They just even look so darn good!

We cleared our plates and snuggled down with our dessert  to 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' which is a happy-go-lucky movie. I have wanted to watch it for a few weeks and we really did enjoy it. Its different in that it revolves around the elderly at an Indian hotel - interested yet? The second one will be out in cinemas soon, so snuggle up to this happy movie like we did!

There were a few cups of tea on the go as well. As always.

When Andrew comes over, I love nothing more than getting under a fluffy blanket, a cup of tea, lots of treats to eat and a good movie. It is complete bliss.

"Can I eat it yet, pleeeeeeeease?"

To top it all off, we cracked open the box of chocolate hearts and ate them one by one until none were left in sight. 

The perfect night in with my lovely man after a long day. 

I even got a little early valentine treat, which I can't wait to drink out of in 16 months when we are married! 
I feel this mug will sum it up pretty perfectly! Lucky man...

I will be hopefully doing this deal again with my true valentine - Lois! Andrew leaves on Valentine's Day, so the night shall be spent with a Dine in for Two and a romantic movie with the girl who loves me best. Who needs boys anyway!!

But for now, send a text, card, or a hug to that special guy/girl in your life. Whether your the soppy romantic or the die hard hater of anything valentines, your loved one deserves the treat!

Behind every great man, is an even greater woman - remember that all you men our there! 
I wouldn't be anywhere without Andrew standing by my side all these years, I have no idea how he does it - poor guy!
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