A Christmas Wedding...A Little Late!

So this post is about 6 weeks late, but you will forgive me for that? Okay, here goes...

When dreaming of the Christmas holidays, I look forward to time with family the most. This Christmas was extra special as my cousin was getting married!

There is nothing to celebrate being off than to dance around with your family and enjoy two lovely people getting hitched.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Ahem.

We arrived the night before to stay with my sister, but quickly hit the Belfast Christmas market. Now, I love the Edinburgh Christmas markets as much as the next one, but there is nothing like home.

Especially the burgers, I'm telling you they are GOOD! But I stopped myself from devouring them on the night, knowing I would be back in 2 days time.

So we just walked around the busy stalls and scented candles...which Andrew dragged me away from.

But it wouldn't have been completed without something to munch on now, would it?

Belfast was so beautiful at night with the huge glistening trees.

I know everyone is probably sick and tired of looking at trees and fairy lights. I can hear you screaming "IT'S JANUARY!!", but now now, I know you miss it too!

We didn't stay too long, but headed back to my sisters for Elf and night close to the fire. All tucked in to our blankets.

The next morning, we slowly dragged ourselves out of bed and made our way to the early morning hairdressers appointment.

It was Mathew and Jessica's WEDDING DAY!!!

Jessica looked stunning in her gorgeous veil as she walked down the aisle. I am still in awe of her dress!

Oh just look at it...

Sadly the lovely bride wasn't always in sight thanks to my mums famous ipad. It has a habit of creeping up and blocking most views. Whoops.

We sons and daughters were very supportive as we giggled behind her! What a bad bunch we are!

Afterwards, we couldn't help us sneak a quick faux-to of our matching stoles.

But we didn't stay sensible for long. Oh dear, oh dear.

The decorations were gorgeous. All the lanterns and flowers just brought the whole wedding together as we enjoyed some lovely scones.

Before we went on to the reception, we stopped in with my sisters for a quick cuppa.

I couldn't resist a few more pictures either.

Or well, I dragged Andrew by the ear with a "Come here!!"

Yet again, the pictures didn't stay serious for long. But hey, it was a happy occasion for everyone!

        Dress - Warehouse
Shoes - ASOS
Faux Fur Stole - Miss Selfridge
Coat - Zara

My family are just barrels of fun and every event makes me so glad to have them around me!

Would you believe that this is only a few of them?

The reception room was beautiful. On each table we got 'Wedding Day' Yankee Candles in sample size which I have been blissfully enjoying in a little cup and saucer.

The room glistened with fairy lights as we laughed alongside the speeches. There was even a personalized song - the wedding party surely had talent!

And then my favourite part, the caaaaaaaaake!!

Before we watched their lovely first dance and got to dance floor ourselves! Hello!!

The whole day was fantastic from start to finish. 

They are truly a couple in love, and I have personally seen them go through the journey from the beginning. They have went from strength to strength as a couple. They also have cats, so are a cute little family already!

The next day we woke up to one of the best breakfasts I've had in a long time.

With Eggs Benedict, I am a happy bunny! 

We stuffed our faces with croissants and cereal, before they brought the eggs benedict.

I loved the china in the quaint little room. Everything was presented so well and the staff were lovely.

I can't quite remember the name of the guest house, but I will let you know if I remember because we were treated unbelievably well.

We headed into the Christmas market before heading home. It was freezing so we wrapped up well and I practically skipped there.

And these were the burgers I had been waiting for. 

The bacon and blue cheese burger with onion, tomato, rocket and a soft bun to hold it all together.

I get one every single year! They are called 'Rocket and Relish', so if you haven't experienced one of their burgers yet, just get yourself down to their restaurant in Belfast!

I was finally satisfied with my Christmas Market obsession. All done for another year!

Feels a bit weird writing this at the end of January, but hey, better late than never!

I can't wait for the weddings of 2015. I just love getting dressed up in your best frock and watching 2 people fall in love all over again.

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