NYE in Paris

After years of dreaming about Paris, begging Andrew to take me there with a firm "NO!" each time, I got my wish.

On Christmas Eve, Andrew surprised me with a little card that had a picture of the Eiffel Tower in it....I screamed, jumped up and down, then quickly started packing my bags. We were going for New Years Eve!

To be honest, after all the dreaming and Pinterest stalking I have done, I felt a little unprepared for what to do in Paris or what it would really be like.

But I jumped on the plane with my guy and jetted off for some crisp cold air and moonlight Parisian adventures.

For New Years Eve I put on my favourite Jack Wills Hampton dress which is flattering (especially at the waist) and is quite thick to help with that Paris chill. It is also has a nice discount on it right now...

When we arrived, we walked past restaurants and the smell of food was calling my hungry tummy.

So we dropped off our bags at Hotel de Seze (which are new and amazing, you couldn't get nicer staff!) and went in search for a great meal.

That is when we found Cafe Paris London with balloons and fairylights everywhere to help bring in the new year. It was so cute!

Andrew got 'Risotto with Chicken Fillet' which was devoured in his usual fashion - inhaling it in 5 seconds!

I ordered perhaps the best burger I have ever had....a medium-rare 'Madam's Bacon Cheese Burger' which was everything I loved. The meat was so succulent and delicious packed in with egg, cheese, bacon and much more.

Seriously, best burger ever!

Bread lovers can unite in Paris which is one reason I was desperate to go here...

I loved it here, especially eating the best burger EVER! So if you get a chance, drop in.

We took a stroll down the Rue Royale afterwards to begin our journey to the Eiffel Tower...

My New Look Tartan Blanket Wrap was such an amazing last minute purchase for Paris. It kept me snuggly warm all night.

We dropped by La Madeleine Cathedral which was beautifully lit up in changing lights. 

From the top of the steps you could sit and observe all the people shopping and traveling to their New Years adventure.

On our way down the Rue Royale I spotted what I had waited 20 years for....Laduree!

I pressed against the window to peek in to their delicious store and squealed at Andrew to take me the next day which he agreed to because of my "puppy face".

We decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower so we could see the sights along the way and find our bearings for the next few days.

We soon saw it in sight though....

And stopped with quite a few people to grab a selfie...with some failed attempts at it!

Never have I seen so many selfie-sticks in all my life, when did they become so big??

As we walked closer, the buzz continued to grow.

Street stalls with delicious food and every man selling champagne with plastic cups - classsssy!

So we didn't want to miss out on some of this street food and grabbed some churros. 

Freshly made and sugary - exactly what we needed to warm up!

Then there it was...

Standing before us...

It is so beautiful, I couldn't believe after all the times I have seen it in pictures that we were finally standing in front of it and on NEW YEARS EVE!!

The city was alive with streams of people all playing music, dancing and chatting. There were cameras flashing in every direction...I felt right at home!

As the tower went up in lights every hour leading up to midnight, you could hear the cheers and hoorays of those around.

The atmosphere was electric!

We grabbed a spot to sit and wait for the countdown with a hot chocolate and enjoyed the party unfolding around us.

As midnight was about to strike, a massive boom of light shone as the countdown begun.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

Au revoir 2014!   

Bonne année 2015!!!!

The Eiffel Tower shone in glittering lights and fireworks in the distance began.

Now when I say fireworks, I sadly mean only a few. Yes it was exciting, but after waiting so long I slightly wanted a little bit more. The Eiffel Tower lights came and went within a minute and that was it.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it. But I feel like there should have been something more.

But the streets streaming with thousands of people all began their party with personal fireworks and dancing. The music blasted from all directions as we started our journey home.

We stopped for some good ol' french hot dogs and munched as we walked.

I loved going for NYE, but not sure I would go again. I feel I wanted some 'BOOM' and didn't really achieve that to the standard other places could have. But I loved the atmosphere and being there in the moment celebrating with thousands of others.

I love you so much Paris, let's see what else you have in store for me....

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