2014 - You Were Amazing!

I know I am a few days late in celebrating the new year and the year just past. I was away over new years and never got around to posting my favourite moments of 2014.

It has been a year of big changes and mighty adventures.

I've flown the farthest I had ever before and saw my sister say 'I do'.

So here it goes, 2014 best moments...

 My sister getting married.

(Photos are from Peter Thomas Photography - he is amazing, look him up!)

There are far too many wonderful photos from that day. I loved every minute. Seeing a room full of your nearest and dearest is something to behold and cherish forevermore.

Weddings were a huge part of 2014, I saw some of my loved ones getting married and making that amazing step into husband and wife.

My best friend with her simple, classy touches...

Cousins at Christmas with fairy-lights and faux fur stoles...

Andrew's cousins in a beautiful outdoor ceremony...

School friends with vintage touches and delicate teacups...

I wish you all every moment of blessings in your happy marriage!

I also have many more in 2015 with friends and family, so bring on the party dresses and veils!

I travelled across the world to seek adventures with Andrew in Thailand. 

And boy was it amazing...

We soaked up the sunshine, ate all the spiciness we could, saw the sights and met some life-changing people (even some friends with 4 legs)...

It ended in me answering the most life-changing but most certain question - Will You Marry Me?

This has been the best moment of 2014 by far. Saying YES let me realise the true love I had for Andrew which has grown 10 times since then. I thank and praise God every single day for him!

Being engaged is the most wonderful feeling, I cannot wait for marriage!

This led to celebrating Lucie and I's engagements to our men with mouth-watering food and of course a dessert table!

I even learnt a new skill this year - wake boarding!

Hopefully 2015 will be filled with more freezing water, wetsuits and bbqs by the waterside.

And on the topic of freezing water, the slip-'n'-die which was an almighty creation made by farming tools and men.

It was slightly scary...and unsafe...and freezing...but awesome!

It was most definitely good times with friends, with a little bit of madness in between.

It has been christened the death slide, jealous?

Then I had a couple of lunitics come visit me in Northern Ireland.

A crazy American and Scottish person...aka...my lovely, dear, banter-filled friends!

Seeing all the sights of Northern Ireland with smiles and adventures the whole time, I loved every minute. The Ulster American Folk Park, Giants Causeway, a car crash and some great food - it will never be forgotten!

I love you all!

Edinburgh as a whole made 2014 unforgettable, but in summer with the festival and hot weather, it could not have looked any more beautiful. Or been any more busy, but anyway...

I love you Incr-edinburgh!

I even got to pop down to Glasgow for some Commonwealth Games excitement. I didn't get tickets for anything, but the buzz was unforgettable.

Finally, all those simple moment which make life wonderful.

Brunch with best friends.

Great British Bake Off Tuesdays with Apprentice Wednesdays.

Stock car racing on Boxing Day.

Christmas feasts.

Late night giggling with friends over a cup of tea.

Andrew flying over to visit.

Wedding planning.

I love the simple things that make you smile, that make you realise how blessing you are.  

I even ended the year in a surprise trip to Paris with my lovely guy under the Eiffel Tower. Pretty nice, huh?

As always and forevermore, God has guided and lead me in times of need and joy. 

2014, you have been wonderful, cheers to life and blessed moments! Thank you for every time you have clicked on my blog and read, I have loved writing and I hope you are enjoying the journey too!

I wonder what 2015 will bring...
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