Paris, You Have Stole My Heart...

 I am writing this blog post in the comfort of my freezing student flat with a cup of tea, dreaming of all things Paris...

I miss the blue skies, the dreamy architecture and buildings, but most of all I miss the food. Oh the food. 

I kinda wanted to do most of the main sights in one day so we planned an early get-up to get off to a good start. Yeah sadly that didn't happen.

We got to bed pretty late with all the NYE celebrations that we slept past our alarms and I peaked over my duvet to look at the time to find we had slept in...majorly!

So we rushed to get ready, grabbed my camera and we were ready to roll... 

P.S. There are a pile of photos on here as I couldn't choose, so watch out!

As always, he maps the way and I capture the journey.

We caught some early lunch to keep me from getting hangry.

I cant even remember the name of the cafe, but they served the most delicious fresh bread with salad.

But it was a quick stop for lunch so we could start walking towards the Musée du Louvre.

The sky was crisp blue with the cold winter air. I was wrapped up in about 10 layers and still shivering, but it was worth it as we walked hand-in-hand along the beautiful buildings and sight-seers.

The Christmas Spirit has still not really worn off...

I also found my new front door in the process. Yes please!

Top - Zara
Coat - Zara
Skirt - New Look
Scarf - Miss Selfridge
Ankle boots - ASOS

The streets were filled with selfie-stick lovers and happy couples.

The Louvre was amazing to just stop and stare at. 

Sadly it was closed, so we sat and chatted alongside the other tourists and just people watched. I really loved just watching everyone else discover the beauty of it and laugh together.

Or if your like me, shouting at your boyfriend to take pictures...

Hello Hello...

We then set off for the Notre Dame and Love Lock Bridge.

We started walking alongside all the markets full of old books and tourist bits and bobs. I could have stopped at every single one.

But after a couple of hours, it was time for a hot chocolate to warm us up and a little sugar. 

I felt I couldn't leave Paris without the taste of a crepe, so here was our chance!

We were happy chappys. But most of all, we were warm for a while again!

But the warmth couldn't last for too long before we psyched ourselves up for the crisp cold air once more.

It wasn't long before the unbelievable Notre-Dame Cathedral stood before us with the clouds whisking around it.

The Notre-Dame was photogenic, but sadly Andrew takes a little bit more persuasion to even look at the camera.

Yet again, the queues were huge and after a while we gave up. 

We wanted to explore more of Paris in this gorgeous winter weather.

Now I persuaded Andrew to buy us a love-lock. We had wrote our names and traveled to the bridge.

This is when I found out Andrew had accidentally rubbed off most of his name to leave it now as 'Aw Jess'. Whoops...

After a moment, we laughed about it and decided we loved it even more like this. It describes us pretty well - a bit disorganized and not all there! 

Andrew also said it describes us because 'Its all about Jess'...he may have been right!

It felt so city-like with all the performers, yet so french. With old organ-piano things and roller blade madness, its all so quirky and different.

We walked back through the Louvre and into the Jardin de Tuileries to sit down after the long walk. 

I just cannot wait to come back during summer some year with a picnic blanket and basket packed with all things french. I just want to lie by the water with a macaroon in the summer sun. Oh please...

There was one important stop to make which I had waited for many many years. 

Ladurée. Yes Yes Yes!

I pretty much squealed as we walked up to it. I have no idea why, but I just love macaroons. They are such a treat, so this was the dream.

I grinned from ear to ear as we queued, with poor Andrew sighing in the background.

I held my bag with pride and skipped back to the hotel.

I think I literally skipped.

Nothing gets me excited like good food!

Every mouthful was a dream. I gave Andrew one, but then he was strictly instructed to not grab any more. They were all mine. MINE.

I lay on my bed for a while with an espresso to regain my strength. 

Our legs were sore from all the walking, but so worth it. So we lay there like 2 lumps before we jumped (or slowly dragged ourselves up) for dinner.

We went to a little restaurant with a table overlooking the street to watch the world go by.

Then I had some delicious steak tartare with more bread - I was in heaven! 

The meat in France is as good as everyone says it is. The meat-lover in me is craving the succulent burgers and steak tartare....can someone bring me back? Pretty please?

With a late dinner and some espressos later, our legs were finished for the day and we crawled back for an early night.

Paris, I am completely in love. It was one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received. I am so blessed to have spent NYE there. 

We spent the rest of the trip at the Christmas markets eating more burgers and pressing my nose against the designer shop windows. 

I could walk around the streets for days in awe of how beautiful every single corner of Paris is. No wonder everyone talks about it as the city of romance. 

Paris, I will be back someday soon! 

Hopefully in summer with Gossip Girl...a girl can dream, can't she?
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