Well guys, SO much has happened over the past 3 weeks and I can't wait to tell you all about it...I just want to shove all the photos on now, but I need to take a breath and take you through my beautiful holiday to Thailand.

If you know me, I was pretty annoying beforehand. I had the countdown on my phone, bikini shopping since March and talked about it NON-STOP for months. I thought I would enjoy Thailand, but not fall in love with it. I expected it to be a nice experience, see something different but I wouldn't ever go back. But I fell head over heels, completely in love with Thailand and everything it had to offer. People are wonderful, the country is so beautiful and different in culture, and the food was unreal!

After our day in London, which I told you about in my last post, we boarded Qatar airlines to take our 20 hour journey to Phuket, Thailand. They fed us well, and there were loads of movies, so I was satisfied for the whole journey. One benefit of a tall boyfriend is his need for extra leg room...I always get it too, so I was loving the journey.

But man, was I tired. I ended up going through 20 minute cycles of tiredness and hyperactivity. This lasted until we reached the hotel just before nightfall by a crazy taxi driver.

This is Mandarava Resort and Spa, on Karon Beach. We were greeted with cold towels and lemongrass tea, and beautifully polite girls to serve us.

We had a tiny nap, and when we woke up it was dark and our bellies were growling.
To the hotel restaurant it was, we couldn't wait much longer.

We had a gorgeous view of the setting sun, and the hills of trees surrounding us.

We decided to get stuck into the cuisine and ordered the set Thai menu without even looking at it...I've been so excited for that extra bit of spice in my life!

Now, I must warn you, I can't really tell you what we ate, and that goes for all my posts about Thailand. They had weird names, and all looked unfamiliar, but all tasted DELICIOUS!

I think this was chicken satay (way better than home), deep fried banana shrimp thing and other banana leaves filled with spicy goodness.

The main was gorgeous steamed rice, with curries, squid and who knows what else!

And a dessert of banana in coconut milk, which was extremely sweet but really enjoyable and exactly what I expected of Thailand.
We left satisfied, and hit our beds, wanting to sleep the jet lag off as soon as possible.

I know this post doesn't look so special, but there is plenty to come of sun, sand and Thailand experiences along the way. This is the beginning, and it only got better every single day. I can't wait to show you more and more...I want to go back already...

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