Did Someone Say There Was Rotee??

I woke up bright and breezy...at 5:30am...not the "Aw let's snooze for a little longer" kinda feeling, the "I'm up and dancing" feeling instead. Jet lag was kicking in full steam ahead, and this lasted for a few days.

By 8am, I was shaking Andrew, pleading to go down for breakfast. When we arrived, I remembered why I love breakfast so much. Tables of pastries, waffles, pancakes, fruits, egg station and most of all...rice and curry! Yeah I know, it was weird to get used to eating rice and yellow curry for breakfast, but it soon became quite normal.

The weird thing about being in Thailand in May is that its past peak season, so restaurants, beaches and  poolsides were never filled with people. Sometimes we were the only couple there. I didn't mind, more sunshine for me!

I got my suncream on with glee, so excited to smell the sweet aroma of summer again, and practically jumped on a sunbed.
I started reading a book called 'Dear Thing' by Julie Cohen. Its about a surrogate who is best friends with the couple, and is in love with the guy. I liked it, but didn't love it. It was all a bit too predicable for my liking.

We decided to head in to Karon, to see the town and beach. With phone wires hitting our heads, no pathways and no way to cross the road without risking your life, it was an experience! But I fell in love immediately, it is a completely different culture with so much to offer and learn from. 

I fell in love with this little stall in particular. A lovely women, who spoke very little English except for 'rotee' (i.e. pancake). These were by far my favourite food of the whole holiday, getting them every single night. How can I describe them...a thin crepe which is fried with an obscene about of oil and butter, then smothered in chocolate - PERFECTION.

After almost going back for more, we decided to hit the beach. We forgot to bring towels or swimwear to the beach as we didn't expect to spend the whole afternoon there, so we went to the next shop we saw, and bought it all there. We then ran to the sea, and jumped in. 

It was a fantastic first day, with the sunshine hitting my face once more. We even went back in that night for dinner somewhere, only to find the power had went off across the whole town. So we sadly walked back to the hotel, and had another amazing meal there...hopefully tomorrow would be more promising for electricity and a truly Thai dish!

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