Hot Chocolate and Cosy Company

After a long day between lounging and working, it only seemed right to treat ourselves.
Lois and I pondered about what to do with our night. But then it struck us 'Ah ha, a warm hot chocolate is in order'...after all, it seemed to have gone from sunny to shivery within a couple of days in Edinburgh.

We rushed from the cold into a lovely little pub on the Royal Mile, shed off our coats and got comfy.

We ordered two hot chocolates, and an extra unexpected order of Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Whilst waiting, we were able to properly catch up and laugh about the week that had just past us.
A few photos were taken too as you can see...
Oh Lo!

But it was so worth the wait. The hot chocolate was so deliciously guilty and creamy, making it seem like a good thing the nights were getting colder.

The sticky toffee pudding was also delicious. Lois and I have been on a mission for the past year, to find the best sticky toffee pudding EVER. On a weekend away last year with our CU, we tasted an amazing one, and haven't quite found something so spectacular since, but this one came close. Now, it may be because we were deprived students last year and just glad to get gooey goodness, or it was actually THAT good...we may never know but its been a fun mission to say the least.
So if anyone has any suggestions of places to try, please let me know. We will not stop until we have found only the best.

I just

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