Reminiscing Part Two

So you want a little bit more from Ibiza? Here it is. Pretend its 30 degrees outside and relax with these gorgeous summer memories.

My lovely cousin was staying in Ibiza Rocks Hotel whilst we were there. So we met for a wonderful catch up. Whilst I rarely see her at home because of the distance, it was funny how we ended up here together.

Lois was able to meet Christina too, and we all got lunch together.

Then afterwards, we headed for a seat beneath the shade and took in the wonderful surroundings. An easy going day with no pressures or time keeping, just shorts and sunshine.
We hugged good bye, hoping the next catch up wouldn't be too long away.

Oh and can I just say, these are the best things ever. Lois and I probably ate a packet of them each day. Delicious. Chocolatey, croissant goodness all packed in together.

Goodbye Ibiza, you were exquisite. I loved your sandy beaches and sparkling waters. The sunsets and heat have left me wanting more. Lets drink in the happy memories, and put on the coats and scarves now autumn is here.
Until we meet again...

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