We were feeling a little Italian last week, so to Zizzi's it was. I love the friendly feel it has...and of course the gorgeous food.
The Queensferry St restaurant has a modern feel to it thanks to David Galletly, who has artwork there inspired by the mysterious waters of the Firth of Forth.
So off we went. 

To start us off, we went for an 'Italian Bread Bucket', which was as it says on the tin (or bucket) - bread, baked fresh, and topped with olive oil and rosemary. With a little side order of balsamic vinegar as well.

 Then it was on to the main course. Andy ordered a 'Calzone Pollo Spinaci'. Which is roast chicken, spinach, mushroom and thyme in a creamy mozzarella sauce, topped with crispy coppa ham.

I ordered a  'Rustica Mezzo e Mezzo'. This has one half smothered in mozzarella, creamy new potatoes, riserva cheese, red onion and thyme. The other half had roasted peppers, roquito chilli, mushroom and rocket (which an extra order of spicy chicken for moi).

Yeah, I know, I'm craving it all over again too. If you haven't been yet, please go, its too good to miss.
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