Leo's Beanery

It was a beautiful day to be in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. And we celebrated this with a gorgeous trip to Leo's Beanery.

It's cute, delicious and packed with people.

So we picked our desired choice. Andrew wanted a mocha, and I went for a 'Margaret's Hope Darjeeling' Tea...both with a side order of brownies!

I love loose leaf tea, but as a student it always seems like an extra treat to get it. So when it came, I was ready to dive in.

Of course, Andy was sooo excited to be there with me... (Only joking!!)

What more can I say, just look at how good it looks...Cheers to a great cup of tea!!
I have fallen in love with this gorgeous place. I felt like I was in a little bubble of my own, away from the busy streets and into a retreat.

We left for a little more exploring. Down the royal mile, it's street performers everywhere. With pipers, singers and some magicians, it's entertaining to watch it all happen around you.

What can I explore next??
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