It's been a while...

Okay okay, so I kinda stopped blogging. After a few months, uni got busy, life got hectic and I got lazy...whoops! 
So "what am I writing now for" I hear you scream...?
To be honest, I simply just wanted to. I love writing about my life, the blessings in it. Sometimes you aren't reminded of how wonderful life is until you start to put pen to paper.

BUT, there has been a little bit of excitement around my student flat as another one of my flatmates are ENGAGED!! Her lovely fiancee proposed at the top of Arthur's Seat as well, which is very cute indeed!
We all hugged, cried, screamed and squealed when she told us. Its been a whirlwind romance, and she couldn't have picked a more lovely man to spend the rest of her life with.
I even took a few snaps during all the excitement...

I must admit, I do loooooove weddings. Everything about them, so I can't wait to start all the wedding planning with her! The flowers, dresses and smiles, its going to be a wonderful journey. 
This may even turn into a wedding blog if I'm not careful with that many happening around me!
So *cheers* to the happy couple, to the girl who has found her prince charming...

Awww, isn't it gorgeous?

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