Good Ol' Arthur

It was a cold and windy night in Edinburgh, we had all finished a lovely flat dinner and were getting ready to wrap up in blankets, with revision in one hand and tea in the other.

But wait...sorry that is what we were meant to do. What we actually did was take a spontaneous trip up Arthur's Seat, in the dead of night, with nothing more than a small torch and a camera to keep us going.

Rachel announced how she had never been up Arthur's Seat, and I hadn't been up since I became a student here. We all gasped and decided we had to go up there and then. Its an unwritten rule to go Arthur's Seat at a student, or even a tourist in Edinburgh. Its the Scottish tradition, and who wants to break traditions?
I was going to stay in and do some much needed work, but of course, I can't say no to an adventure.

I ran to my room and grabbed my coat, camera and my gorgeous red Hunter wellies. They get taken out for these kind of special occasions.

And off we went, with some of us getting a helping hand from the beginning. 
Caroline and I on the way proclaimed how it wasn't that steep, how it would be no bother...when we arrived we all agreed it was a little larger than our memories.

 We dodged some late night runners and cyclists as Rachel serenaded us with songs.

Just look at how beautiful Edinburgh is at night? And that was only the beginning...

My gorgeous girls...


We took a pit stop half way there...some may run up this, but we took the leisurely approach. We stared out into the night sky, looking at all Edinburgh had to offer, from the Castle to our little flat in the distance.


Can you see my ear going red? Yeah sorry, did I forget to mention it was freeeeezing? 

Rachel proceeded to tell me off and demand I get away from the edge. I think I was getting a but too big for my boots (or wellies...).

They got ready for another graceful photo...

Okay, maybe not so graceful after all.

I still love them though, they were so much fun. We just laughed the whole way up!

*Cough* Some took a little longer to get up than others at times...

But we finally made it, and boy was it worth it. A 360 view of Edinburgh in all its glory. I couldn't think of anything more wonderful in that moment, even pictures can't capture it.

It was short lived however, because the wind howled and we were frozen, so we quickly scurried down. Or what we thought was the right way down.

Long story short, we got lost at the top of Arthur's Seat with the small torch to fumble around with. We even came to the cliff edge...obviously 3 girls is not the best idea for this trip. But we made it down in one piece after what seemed like a very long time. I wouldn't recommend going up in the dark, but the view was worth every moment.
We arrived back home a little later than first hoped, thanks to our silly sense of direction. We flung on our pjamies, filled our hot water bottles, and jumped into bed. 

We set off to make memories together, and we definitely achieved that. What lovely girls to have memories with as well. 

I'll leave you with my favourite picture of the night, a selfie at the top. Enjoy!

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  1. After always making excuses, i now kinda want to climb this big hill! The views looks pretty nice indeed!