Homebird Sing, Leave Out Nothing, Tell Me Everything...

"When I need to get home, your my guiding light"

Those are the soft lyrics of Foy Vance, the wonderful Northern Irish singer who has sang his way into my heart.
 We wanted a chilled concert, and this seemed perfect. We even got sofa seats to sit back and watch some dance, others sing their heart out and everyone mesmerized by his beautiful voice.

 So I grabbed my girls, and off we went!

His lyrics and voice mold together, so you feel yourself just swaying along until your completely engrossed. Not to forget, he is funny, talented and a great performer for the crowds. I love a good Northern Irish accent too, oh boy, its like home!

" Every morning when the coffee's on
And I rediscover that colour in your eyes, in its gold and its bronze
And in the moonlight go get the camera, just go
With the recitations of the parish poets popping on our scrolls..."

Here are just a few pictures of the night...

With some tag a-longs, also known as my beautiful flatmates, Lois and Lucie (and Jules, but she isn't in the picture).

He left the stage singing "When I need to get home, your my guiding light, your my guiding light..." until we could hear him off the stage, down the stairs and us singing it out the door. We even had a little rendition on the journey home!

I will leave you with lyrics from my favourite song of his, 'Homebird'

"The orange was the size of a watermelon to me
well at least that is my memory
sunshine made my bare feet burn upon the road
far away we'd roam

I'd be howlin' out a song in the back seat
the boys would laugh and tease about my black feet
they'd tell stories that would warm my soul
Motorbikes and chrome
Jimmy could not wait to get home

Homebird sing
fly me high on an angel's wing
Homebird sing
leave out nothing tell me everything"

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