Who wants to go to the beach in good weather anyway?

This may only be day two of being home, but its the only full day. Shame! 
Therefore, we decided it had to be a good one. We packed our car, grabbed the winter wetsuit I got for Christmas (which I have to say was my favourite present) and  decided to hit the beach. It may be cold, windy and no sun in sight, but that is our style! Who wants a crowded beach anyway? 


The snacks in the car screamed 'Northern Ireland' with good ol' Tatyto crisps. These can only be bought in Northern Ireland, and our a little treat every time I return.

We stopped off half way to get lunch, but it wasn't pretty enough to make it on here (a chicken noodle wrap) but the espresso I downed with it...well I think it might have gone a little bit too much to my head, as you will see later on...

We even popped in to a little nearby store for a cheeky nosey, and found these cuties a long the way.
I just wanted to scream when I saw duck cookie cutters, they are far too cute, I will have to do some easter baking with them!

 And some candles too - you should see my room, I'm obsessed with candles at the minute! Does anyone have any recommendations for the best candles out there? Let me know ;)

We hurried back to the car so we could finally hit the beach.

*But first, let me take a selfie*

When we arrived at Portstewart, it looked cold and mizzly, so of course we sprinted to Morrelli's (its famous around here for the best ice cream in town, with lots of other goodies to offer).

We watched the sea crash away from the warmth of indoors, relaxing a bit too much.

But wait, I mentioned that ice-cream...I couldn't possibly leave without some, that would just be rude, wouldn't it?

Now, its time to explain...we never actually got in the water. We arrived on Portstewart Stand with less than excited faces. The waves were a little too mad for my liking, sorry I'm a wuss. I didn't feel like getting THAT COLD either. So we wrapped up for a walk. 

Annnnd this is when the espresso kicked in...

 We looked out at the beautiful sea, before running up the sand dunes.

It was a long way up...

But ever so fun running down. Worth it.

I love Andrew, he is my best friend before he is my boyfriend. He makes every situation fun, and treats me so wonderfully. When I get to see him, every moment is precious as he lives in N.I. and I am studying in Scotland.

My glamorous shot turned out to be *not so classy* and I ended up with a bit more windswept that I had originally gone for.

A lovely passerby offered to take a photo of us once we were back at the beach. However, its that awkward moment when it isn't your dog, but his in the picture! We liked it anyway!

I then proceeded to try and climb some very thin poles. It didn't go so well...

Before I quickly crashed to the ground again. Whoops.

Andrew called me a 'Doofus', I have no idea where he got that idea from.

It was quickly time to leave again for more food. 
We said goodbye to the lovely beach, and vowed to be back again soon.

Andrew wanted out of the cold. Poor thing.

 I stopped off in a local store full of Cath Kidston and Kirsty Allsopp goodies, and bought this to match my room at home. I think I'm going to hang quotes from it.

The Ramore Wine Bar is delicious and cheap. We scurried in and ordered as quickly as we could.

It was a bread selection to start with, full of dips and nuts alongside it.

 Emmmh, to be honest, I can't rememder exactly what this was. Perhaps the duck breast. But all you need to know is that Andrew devoured it within seconds. Honestly, eating with him is pretty much eating along he eats that quickly. But he pays - you win some, you lose some!

I got the Thai Green Chicken Curry Hot Pot with noodles and coconut broth. De-lic-ious.

With a little side order of Parmesan fries. Also delicious.

The whole way home we bopped along to Mumford and Sons! 
A pretty good day if you ask me!

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