Get On Your Heels, We're Going Out!

I can't hide the fact that I was particularly excited writing this post. Remember I posted about my friend Lois who had recently got engaged? Well, we had a little surprise for her - a beautiful dinner out with us girls.
But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning...

I just have to start by showing you the little gift I got for her, because I loved it! A personalized box with a ring holder dish.
'To Have and To Hold', the perfect words to set your ring onto.



If you want to have a look, check it out here:

But now let's get to the dinner...
Lois arrived home from a long day to a little note on her bed, reading this:

 Once we saw her excited reaction, we all rushed to get our heels on and out the door. 

I made them stand take a few pictures before we left however, like a proud mama. I also warned them there would be more of this throughout the night!

Not even the Edinburgh cold and rain could dampen our spirits.

We arrived at 'The Outsider'. It doesn't look like much from the outside, just a chalkboard and the flicker of candlelight from the window. Understated is what I would call it. I would walk right past it if I didn't know how lovely it was going to be on the inside. 
It is beautifully lit inside, with a view of the castle when its nice weather. 

  Per usual, we all stared straight down at menus, eager for food! I have been craaaaaving a good steak like a for a while, so there was only one option on the menu...I even persuaded Lucie and Lois to try it!

And here it is, the 28 Day Hung Flat Iron Steak with Shallot and Green Peppercorn Butter, Plum Tomatoes and Hand Cut Chips. A-maz-ing. 
The chips were salty and crispy, whilst the meat just satisfied if every possible way. I felt like a caveman as I raved about the meat. 

I would have shown you all the other meals, but we were too hungry to stop ourselves for even a second. So mine shall have to do, but look at it...isn't it enough?

We chatted on for a while, excited about Jules getting married this summer and Lois' recent engagement. Life is changing for both of them in the most wonderful ways.


And, emh, *ahem* the beautiful bride to be... (only joking, she is even gorgeous here!)

As friends, we celebrate in their joys and how life can be so full of excitement and love. Lois is marrying a truly great guy as well, and we won't have to let go off her too soon, so until then...she's mine!

I got a few more group photos in whilst I could, with much sighing of how embarrassing I was. I reminded them of how they will appreciate in later years having group photos of nights...they love it really! I promise!

We picked up our stuff to hit the flat, and gathered on our sofas for round two. 
Nights like these remind me how privileged I am to have such fantastic friends by my side, and how I get to share their life, as I share mine. 
It's one reason I wanted to start this blog, to show people, or just myself, how blessed I am in the little and big things. 
Laughter is the best medicine after all, and we are not short of them here.

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