A Little Party Never Killed Nobody..

It was the biggest event of the Uni calender last night...well maybe not the biggest, but it was a good night either way...our GRAND BALL! Gatsby themed can I just add, which is my favourite novel! It is for all our clubs and societies, with myself supporting the CU as a member.

I know there are a heap of photos, but I loved them all, and cut them down to the bear minimum, I promise I did!!

With my new sleep-in rollers arriving (which no way could I sleep in I've decided), I gave them a whirl for the day...much to my flats amusement every time they saw me. After a relaxed combination of getting ready and tunes to dance around to, I arrived out the door.
But first, let me take a selfie... (Had to get that in there!!)

The girls all emerged too, looking as beautiful as ever.  Wouldn't you agree Old Sport? (Getting the Gatsby quotes in)


There were a few sophisticated poses, and some...ergh...less sophisticated as well...

Here is my dress by the way, just incase you want a full peek at it.
Then we were off, smiles and giggles all the way.

We arrived to fairy lights, bird cages and decorations in every corner. The song 'A Little Party Never Killed Nobody' sang loudly in my head...the song of my summer!

The CU all gathered together at our table. Here are a few of the lovely girls who are a part of it. The people in CU, are just wonderful. They are fun, full of laughter and make a good night for us all! I even mentioned they might get a shout out on the blog, so here you go girls...

Lucie and I may have taken down the  class of the evening at the photo booth, but hey, someone had to try it out.

The meal was delicious as well, mind you, quite small for my huge appetite. 
Leek, Potato & Truffle Soup with Homemade Focaccia for starter.
Roast Corn Fed Chicken with Potato Mash, Broad Beans & Fresh Herbs for the main.
Double Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert.


There were even more bathroom selfies during the night. The culprits - Lucie and I again...whoops!

We even got a sneaky picture of the whole CU, all the beautiful dresses and smiles all in one picture.

Ahh so lovely...oh wait...yep, that is Lucie and I again.Thankfully we had a few extras acting a fool like us, so that made it a little better.

This is my wonderful flatmate from last year, Isabella. I miss living with her, and her craxy antics, so it was a much needed hug and catch up.

And yeah...back to the photo booth, until we found a few others behind us wanted a go, and we soon realised we may have taken it over. We slowly backed away and on to the dancefloor.

We spent the rest of the night dancing to all our favourite songs, fists pumped in the air in delight.  "Men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars" - The Great Gatsby.
There weren't many photos that were not blurred or embarrassing, so I'm sure Jules and Lois will love me for putting this one up to represent our lovely dancing.
 I'm not quite sure what us girls would do if we drank, we are mad and embarrassing enough as it is. 
It was great night, and I danced until I couldn't any more...now I'm off to grab my slippers in relief! All I needed was Jay Gatsby there to top off the party...
 "I like large parties, they're so intimate"

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  1. Looks like a great night out! I never get in quick enough to get tickets to my uni parties.

    I have just read a bunch of your posts and love the blog! I visited Edinburgh a few years ago, and my best friend is moving there next year from Australia so hopefully I will make it over!


    1. Thank you so much Jess, that is so lovely! Love your blog as well, just had to give it a little follow too! Definitely come back for a visit, I love it here!