Good Afternoon guys!

The days are slowly getting colder and I finally decided it was time to pop those high winter boots on. Edinburgh is bloomin' freezing during winter can I just say...there is nothing like wearing a ski jacket out and about once December comes!!

Everything I am wearing is last years buys - Coat is Zara (still in love a year on) // Blouse is New Look // Jeans are from Jack Wills // Boots are from a department store in Ireland // Bag from Next.

Oh and P.S. its a long one, so grab a cuppa and meet me back here!

It was our anniversary, so it was a day full of food and relaxing. We walked down Stockbridge to find something for brunch. I wanted eggs, he wanted we were searching for somewhere that would do both and HEY we found it!

We both settled ourselves beside the window with two cups of earl grey.

This place is called Maxi's and well worth a visit again. Inside it has a rustic feel with chipped tile walls and fresh bakes at the counter. It also serves breakfast until 3pm which is my favourite part.

When you have a tall boyfriend, one thing I should warn you about is the food portion size and the speed at which he can devour the whole lot. I mean, he can eat the whole panini before I have sipped my tea.
But back to the food...he had a lovely soup with a chicken & ham panini. He stayed quiet the whole time he ate it, so I am taking that as a good sign.

I went for my favourite brunch food of all time - Eggs Benedict. I can never get enough!

After satisfying the growl of hunger for a little while, we pottered around Stockbridge with their cute shops and cafes.We were simply happy going hand in hand along the shops.

But then we had a sweet tooth moment and I dragged Andrew along the streets to Cuckoo's Bakery. You can find their website here.
 They always are making individual cupcakes at every occasion. Christmas cupcakes may be my favourite however with santas jumping out of frosting and big snowflakes.

I got a Magnum cupcake and Andrew got a good ol' chocolate one. I was craving Red Velvet but sadly they were all snatched up. So I shall just have return some day soon to satisfy the craving!!

The shop was really busy so we popped back into the centre of Edinburgh to enjoy our cupcakes in the comfort of Princes Street Gardens and the Edinburgh Castle in sight.

Amongst a few other friends too...

After all the pictures Andrew was taking, even I was went "Awk just leaf me alone now!!" so we headed for some shopping.

And I bought myself some gorgeous knee high boots from Miss Selfridge. I had been looking for a pair for a while and I finally found a heeled pair that would fit my legs, in suede and actually stayed up when on. I'm in looooove...

You can't really see them in the pictures, but find them here. They are officially a winter favourite of mine!!

On our first ever date, he took me shopping, then for dinner and a movie to finish off. He decided to recreate this for our anniversary, which I found rather cute.

So he bought me a gorgeous scarf from Zara (I'll show you soon) which he got me on our first date too.

Then we grabbed a lovely bite to eat at Hadrian's Restaurant in Edinburgh. 

We ordered the chef specials. Andrew started off with carrot and cauliflower soup, then the sea bass with saffron risotto and basil coulis and finally the bread and butter pudding with vanilla anglaise.

I ordered french onion soup, which was the best I had ever had. Then had the pork shoulder with smoked paprika mash and apple-cider sauce. Finally, I finished off with the best chocolate and hazelnut pave and vanilla ice-cream.

Hey hey hey!

We finished off our night going to see Fury. It was amazing! I was a bit angry we went to see a WW2 movie on our anniversary but I loved every minute of it. Worth going to see...especially with Brad Pitt.

I feel so blessed to have a guy that loves the same things as I do and is willing to get on a plane every few weeks to come see me. Its true romance!

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